50 years REGATRON AG - 50 years of precisely engineered, technologically advanced power electronics

REGATRON AG was founded on February 28, 1969 in Rorschach, Switzerland as a small but highly specialized technology company.

The spirit of innovation, the readiness to invest and proximity to customers and the market are attributes which have characterized the company for many years and which have also provided healthy growth.
Today, REGATRON is a world-wide recognized, highly respected manufacturer of technologically advanced AC & DC power supply products and systems as well as of high quality customized drive systems. REGATRON's customers appreciate very much the well established and proven product range, which is being continuously developed and expanded.
REGATRON's strong international market presence is ensured by its sales partners located in the most important markets, by its own sales office in USA and by several teams with customer oriented tasks at the company‘s headquarter in Rorschach, Switzerland.

50 years REGATRON AG - a success story!

Back in 1969, the business focus of the newly founded company was the development and manufacturing of electronic drive technology for textile finishing machines which at that time was a new industry. The young company was able to develop successfully and to expand its competence in drive and control technology to more applications. When diversifying into the field of high-performance switching power supplies some 25 years ago, the growing company maintained power electronics as its core technological knowledge and expertise.

REGATRON is located in the center of the economic region "St. Gallen - Lake Constance - Rhine Valley". This cross border economic region in eastern Switzerland covering also parts of Germany and Austria used to be characterized in the past by the textile industry. It adapted itself successfully to the global industrial and technological changes of recent decades and today has well recognized leading competence clusters in the fields of electronics, precision engineering and software. This economic region is considered highly productive and has a very high export share. REGATRON with its high level of competence and internationally recognized high quality standards is strategically located in this strong economic region. As a medium-sized, owner managed company with more than 120 employees, REGATRON has the necessary flexibility and dynamism. One third of REGATRON's workforce has an academic degree in engineering.

REGATRON is pleased with its achievements during these past 50 years and looks confidently forward into the future.

Our sincere thanks to REGATRON's customers for their trust and to all sales partners for their efforts and support as well as to all of REGATRON's present and former employees for their outstanding performance during these past 50 years!



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