REGATRON AC and DC Sources for Hardware-in-the loop P-HIL Applications

Hardware-in-the-loop simulation HIL integrates physical hardware and software models seamlessly in a closed-loop simulation, offering versatile opportunities to investigate the behavior of complex systems at different parameter settings.

While C-HIL predominantly focuses on controller parameterization and structures, P-HIL instead covers the power domain. In addition to a versatile RT-computer system for the model computation, a typical P-HIL setup includes suitable DC or AC power equipment. R&D engineers e.g. can replicate a public utility network by means of a software model feeding scaled AC power sources and evaluate the system response within a well-controlled laboratory setting. Therefore, even exceptional electrical conditions may be tested quickly and thoroughly at no risk to employees or utility installations.

Whether in an industrial environment or as versatile laboratory equipment for Technical Universities / Institutes, REGATRON's full 4-Quadrant AC Power Sources / Grid Simulators TC.ACS, bidirectional DC Power Supplies TC.GSS, and especially the soon to be introduced G5 DC Power Supply Series are well suited for dozens of P-HIL applications including:

  • Scaled Utility Grid simulation and HVDC power transmission studies
  • Intelligent power management within 'Smart Grid' Networks
  • Automotive and Railway power drive trains
  • Power drive components such as inverters or induction motors
  • R&D of power devices such as fast chargers, safety devices, and airborne systems

REGATRON's full 4-Quadrant AC Power Sources / Grid Simulators are designed as close to linear 3-phase 4-quadrant power amplifiers with a remarkable bandwidth from DC up to 5 kHz. Thanks to the modular system architecture ranging from 30 kVA up to 1500 kVA and a high degree of functionality, the system is adaptable to many applications. Worldwide, a significant number of REGATRON Grid Simulators are performing well with various real-time computing systems.

REGATRON's Bidirectional, Regenerative DC Power Supplies are well suited for dynamic modelling of high power scaled DC distribution systems. Widely used simulation setups in the industrial and educational environment are P-HIL investigations in the field of local/regional DC power management systems using electrical storage systems. Again, the modular structure of REGATRON DC power supplies is extremely beneficial when adapting them to various applications. R&D on High Voltage, High Power DC transmission systems is an additional field of application which is rapidly increasing in importance. REGATRON's DC power supplies, especially the soon to be introduced G5 Bidirectional and Regenerative DC Power Supply Series, are highly recommended for simulating electrical energy storage systems.


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REGATRON DC Power Supplies, DC Electronic Loads and 4-Quadrant AC Power Sources:

  • Precisely engineered and technologically advanced
  • Modular: Parallel-, series- and even mixed mode (parallel & series) operation
  • Easy scalable systems and configurable properties by the user on site
  • Full regenerative
  • Operating software, data logger, powerful application software
  • Worldwide recognized for high quality and reliability
  • DC Ranges from 20 kW to 2000+ kW, up to 1500 VDC, higher voltages on request
  • AC Ranges from 30 kVA to 1500 kVA, 0 - 528 Vrms (L-L), higher voltages on request


REGATRON  Performance. Precision. Quality.

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