Congratulations on the successful completion of their apprenticeship!

This year, three apprentices successfully completed their 3- and 4-year vocational training at REGATRON.

Our apprenticeship graduates have learned the following professions and obtained the Swiss Federal Certificate of Competence (EFZ):

Electronic Technician EFZ
Logistics Assistant EFZ

REGATRON would like to thank the young professionals for the work they have done during the entire apprenticeship and wishes them every success and all the best for their future careers.

We are pleased that all three apprenticeship graduates will continue to work at REGATRON and contribute their valuable expertise.

REGATRON offers apprenticeships for Electronic Technicians, Electronic Equipment Assemblers and Logistics Assistants. Currently, about 10 apprentices are being trained at REGATRON. Interested parties will find more information here: https://www.regatron.ch/jobs/lehrstelle-bei-regatron/


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