Battery simulators are able to simulate the static and dynamic behaviour of real electrical storage elements.

Read why the TC.GSS series is best suited for this application.

Battery simulators make it possible to run, test and optimize drivetrains under various conditions or even throughout entire drive cycles. Moreover, the comparison of different battery types is now possible without having the need for real batteries.

The TC.GSS Regenerative DC Source / Sink Programmable Power Supplies made by REGATRON AG are the optimum choice for your laboratory tasks all around electromobility:

Not only the multiplicity of digital and analogue interfaces, but also the thousand-fold field-proven modularity enables the TC.GSS to fit perfectly to each task. Modularity means, that individual units may work standing alone or connected in series, in parallel or even in mixed mode in order to increase power, voltage and/or current. High power systems with 1000+ kW may easily be configured, with output voltages up to 1500 VDC.

More information: https://www.regatron.com/gss


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