REGATRON's Battery Tester Series: Accurate, Safe, Reliable, and with a Maximum of Flexibility

REGATRON's unique regenerative, precisely engineered and technologically advanced high power DC source/sink units can be operated as stand-alone or in parallel, series, and mixed-mode operation for testing any type of batteries and energy storage systems.

Outstanding current-accuracy of up to 0.01% FS in both quadrants, an additional high-resolution measurement range as well as a fast current rise time down to the 100 µs range are further exceptional features.

REGATRON's precisely engineered and technologically advanced series TC.GSS and G5.BT Battery Testers are very compact, high-power DC source/sink units & systems that meet the ever increasing, demanding and continuously changing requirements of automotive and stationary battery module and battery pack testing. In addition to their advanced PFC technology, REGATRON's battery testers, above all, they excel because of their modularity. This means easy power and voltage increases with parallel, series, and mixed-mode connections of two or more units. Moreover, every single unit in a system, can be used as an independent, regenerative DC power source/sink offering the full functional range.
REGATRON's precisely engineered and technologically advanced Battery Testers come with CAN multiprotocol (CANmp) interface for test bench operation and integrated safety relay (ISR) for increased emergency stop reliability according to EN ISO 13849. The application software BatControl allows the selection and running of so-called "BatScripts" precisely executing the user's instructions, even according to sophisticated test procedures.
REGATRON's TC.GSS and G5.BT Battery Testers have an outstanding electrical performance. Below are the most important battery testing features at a glance:

  • High-current accuracy of up to 0.01% (FS) in both current quadrants (source & sink)
  • An additional high-resolution measurement range for accurate charge/energy monitoring
  • Up to 48 kHz computing cycle, amongst others, for fast and accurate energy calculation
  • Turn-key systems tailored to individual test environments: Besides a high-speed CAN data link as interface to customer's test analysis software, the units are mounted in system cabinets which are available in IP20, IP23, and IP54 (isolation monitors are available on request).
  • The industry-proven reverse-polarity protection (RPP) feature prevents reverse-polarities and provides protection from sparks in case of connecting unmatched voltage levels.
  • Enhanced safety chain driven by the REGATRON-integrated 2-channel safety-relay feature
  • Unmatched flexibility thanks to parallel, series and even parallel & series / mixed mode operation of two or more units
  • Regenerative, with high efficiency, resulting in a significant reduction of energy consumption and heat dissipation

Customers from all over the world use REGATRON's technologically advanced and precisely engineered battery testers for reliability and cyclic tests on battery packs and modules, lifetime and degradation tests, comparative studies, automated drive-cycle load, as well as for shot and burst overload tests.

Software and Control

The application software BatControl allows complete automation of dedicated test runs including:

  • NiCd, NiMH, Li-ion, Lithium-polymer (LiP, LiPo, or Lipoly), LiFe, lead-acid and further electrochemical storage processes
  • All types of fuel cells
  • Stationary and mobile motor-generator sets
  • Wind-driven equipment

Furthermore, not only batteries can be cycled and tested but also capacitive storage elements such as super caps, gold caps etc. BatControl software comes in the same structured and intuitive form as the BatSim and CapSim application software. In addition to simple manual control of all electrical system data, the versatile SCRIPT language allows the programming of automated test sequences. Several limit functions permanently monitor the process from the start, so any unwanted or critical condition is detected in time, triggering alarms or, if required, a system shutdown.

Should you have any questions, or need additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Detailed application notes are available from REGATRON's application engineering team.


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