REGATRON Battery Testers with Increased DC Current Accuracy

REGATRON's precisely engineered, technologically advanced and modular High Current Battery Testers provide now a remarkable increased DC current accuracy of 0.05% full scale.

This important feature opens new applications in the rapidly growing field of automotive and stationary Battery Module Testing.

State-of-the-art batteries are no longer simple battery cell stacks, but rather complex modules including superposed power electronics for different cell monitoring and tracing tasks. Therefore, test procedures for battery modules call for precision current sources both for charging and discharging as well as for lifetime test procedures.

REGATRON's bidirectional und regenerative Battery Testers provide a multitude of properties making them ideal test units / systems for all kinds of electrical storage elements testing:

  • High current accuracy of 0.05% in both current quadrants (source & sink)
  • 50 µs energy integration computing cycle
  • High speed CAN data link as interface to test analysis software
  • The famous RPP (Reverse Polarity Protection) feature avoids reverse polarity problems and provides protection in case of unmatched voltage levels
  • Enhanced safety chain driven by the REGATRON Integrated Safety Relay feature
  • Maximum flexibility thanks to parallel and even series/mixed mode operation of two or more Battery Test units
  • Application software
  • Turn-key systems tailored to a given test environment

Furthermore, REGATRON's field-proven Battery Testers are available as IP 20, IP 23 and even as IP 54 versions, ready to meet specific laboratory requirements.

We would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about your requirements! Should you have any questions, or need additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

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  • Easy scalable systems and configurable properties by the user on site
  • Widely recognized for high quality and reliability
  • Worldwide qualified and timely customer support
  • 3 years warranty, extended warranty available


REGATRON  Performance. Precision. Quality.

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