Solution Brief: Country-Specific Grid Simulation in Automated EoL Testing

Testing products with different country-specific mains voltages: A REGATRON turnkey solution that brings great efficiency benefits to the customer. Learn more.

By simulating the grid conditions of the country where the product will be used, manufacturers can ensure that their products will perform correctly and safely when they are connected to the grid.

Initial situation of the project

REGATRON's customer, an established industrial company in Europe with customers worldwide, wants to test its products in the range of some 10 kVA to 100 kVA with different country-specific mains voltages in its end of line testing.

The REGATRON solution

The field-proven grid simulators of REGATRON's TC.ACS series are very suitable for this requirement due to their output characteristics, compactness and easy controllability. Two TC.ACS 50 kVA grid simulators are operated either individually or in parallel depending on the power requirements of the DUT. The entire test setup consists of ten grid simulators, each 50 kVA, which allows multiple products to be tested simultaneously. The following grid conditions (voltage, frequency, further characteristics) are simulated:

  • 400 VAC L-L / 50 Hz, typical for Europe
  • 480 VAC L-L / 60 Hz, typical for USA
  • 380 VAC L-L / 50 Hz, typical for China
  • 380 VAC L-L / 60 Hz, typical for Korea
  • 220 VAC L-L / 60 Hz / corner-grounded, typical for Japan
  • 415 VAC L-L / 50 Hz, typical for UK
  • 600 VAC L-L / 60 Hz, typical for Canada
  • Other conditions programmable

The wide voltage/current range is realized by means of an automatic contactor circuit as well as step-up and step-down transformers.

Country-Specific Grid Simulation in Automated EoL Testing

REGATRON's CAN interface TC.ACS.CANmp allows for easy integration of the grid simulator into a superposed automation system. See also downloadable PDF product description TC.ACS.CANmp. Switching between the different country-specific grid characteristics is fully automatic with simple CAN commands. Furthermore in this project, REGATRON realized a turnkey system integration according to customer specifications for dimensions, protection class and positions of cable bushings.

The TC.ACS grid simulators have optional liquid cooling. This allows waste heat to be easily removed from the test bench. And it also makes it possible to implement sustainable concepts with heat recovery, which is particularly interesting in the case of long-term testing.

REGATRON: Small footprint, programmable test solutions.

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Further Product Related Information

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