Friday, 24 January 2020

The Different Power Grids of the World Made Available to the Test Engineer

Foreign power grids differ considerably in terms of voltage, frequency and type of sockets. The turn-key solution from REGATRON saves time and minimizes setup effort.

The precisely engineered test solution presented in this article combines a powerful and regenerative TC.ACS programmable AC power source, a dedicated graphic programmable interface and a socket board for simple and efficient testing of electrical equipment with different worldwide grids.

The right socket for every type of plug!

Until now, a variety of different power cable adapters and cable harnesses together with a set of AC power sources of different voltages and frequencies have been used for final tests of mains-operated equipment intended for foreign countries.

The REGATRON solution saves time and reduces the amount of test equipment required for mains testing:
- Simply plug in your D.U.T. at the corresponding socket.
- Start AC by pressing the corresponding button or by selecting AC on the touch screen.
- Start your test procedure - voltage and frequency are automatically pre-selected.

Of course, the full programmability of the modular, regenerative TC.ACS power source is still available to the test engineer. Complex test sequences or even fully automatic tests can be performed.

Voltage- / power- / current-range of the grid simulator shown:
Power : 0 - 50 kVA
Current per phase : 0 - 72 A
Voltage RMS (L-N) : 0 - 305 VAC

For higher power up to 1000 kVA : Multiples of 50 kVA can be used.

REGATRON AC and DC regenerative and programmable power sources - the intelligent, effective and safe solution!

• Precisely engineered and widely recognized for high quality and reliability
• Worldwide qualified and timely customer support
• 3 years warranty, extended warranty available

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