Driving Vehicle Electrification Forward with REGATRON’s Drivetrain Tester Series G5.DT

REGATRON's powertrain test solutions come ready to use and help the engineer save a lot of time.

Development and testing of the drivetrain and its components play a central role in the design of hybrid and electric vehicles. REGATRON's preconfigured drivetrain test solutions are designed to do just that, helping engineers to get results quickly and without the tedious work of changeovers.

Variable test conditions require a high degree of flexibility, particularly in terms of power, voltage and current. Easy integration of the test system into an already existing control platform is a prerequisite. Last but not least, it must be possible to drive a test system into a safe state at any time.

Please take note of the following highlights:

Typical Application Areas for REGATRON's Drivetrain Tester Series

  • 48 V mild hybrid systems: The power requirements can be covered in finely graduated 9 kW / 338 A steps.
  • Plug-in hybrid or EV in the range of 400 to 800 V: 1000 V units with an autoranging factor of 3 offer full power over the entire voltage range.
  • Electrification of utility vehicles up to 1500 V: 1000 V units in series operation or 1500 V units in parallel operation cover these requirements easily.
  • For special applications, such as electric aircraft, the modular concept offers even system voltages of 2000 or 3000 V using series or matrix operation mode.

What Are the Customer Benefits of REGATRON's G5.DT Series?

  • Modularity: Easy power expansion in the field.
  • Unrivaled V-I range: Switchable parallel, series or matrix operation.
  • High operational reliability due to the fully modular concept. Easy replacement of an independent unit in case of failure.
  • The built-in safety interface G5.ISR for PL c or PL e according to EN ISO 13849-1 offers easy integration into the motor test bench.
  • Unique dynamics in the 50...100 μs range
  • Switchable output capacitance to ensure both a high level of voltage stability when performing battery emulation and ultra-fast voltage slopes e.g. when testing according to automotive standards (LV124, LV148, VDA320, LV123, ISO16750-2, ISO21498-2 etc.)
  • Highest accuracy
  • Upgradeable with predefined battery models
  • Space-saving due to very high power density
  • IP20 version with optional air filter or IP54 version with optional liquid cooling
  • Optional DC discharge circuit to quickly dissipate energy out of the rotating system at voltage off or emergency stop
  • Optional Power Distribution Unit (PDU) for easy tapping of DC power at the motor test bench

Scope of Delivery Example of a REGATRON G5.DT Test Solution

Drivetrain test Solution with REGATRON G5.DT Drivetrain Tester Series

In the present example, a prewired reserve space is provided in the cabinet which allows the 216 kW Drivetrain Tester to be expanded to 270 kW. The integration of the additional 54 kW unit can be done easily at a later stage by the user on site. The power supply may be installed in the equipment room. The DC power can be connected to different motor test benches by means of (automated) DC switches. At the test bench, the DC power is tapped via Power Distribution Units (PDU). One of the advantages is that this saves space in the test cell. The PDUs offer various options such as DC connectors, G5.RCU.FD display with IP54 protection class, emergency stop button including safety door limit switch, selector switch and status indicators.

Standard Components or Customized Cabinet Solution

The standard units of the G5.DT series are available from 9 kW / 60 VDC to 54 kW / 1500 VDC. Thanks to multi-unit operation, virtually any operating point in the higher power range can be covered. Regenerative operation, full digital CV, CC, CP, CR, Ri-Sim control modes, and the operating and service software G5.Control are standard with all the units. Furthermore, safety and communication features such as the integrated safety relay ISR, CAN multi-protocol interface (CANmp) for easy integration into a superposed control system, and the API are standard features of the G5.DT units.

Customized turnkey test solutions are offered on request by REGATRON's Field Application Engineering Team based on customer requirements. Of course, REGATRON offers commissioning and training on request, either at REGATRON or at the customer's site. The picture below shows a Factory Acceptance Test in the presence of the customer in one of REGATRON's test labs.


Factory Acceptance Test of REGATRON G5.BT Drivetrain Tester

REGATRON: Small footprint, programmable test solutions.

Do you have any questions or need any further information? Are you interested in a quote? REGATRON's sales and application engineers will be happy to find the right solution for your requirement.

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All power supplies and test solutions are availabe in turn-key cabinet solutions.

Rear view of a customized cabinet solution.

Rear view of a customized cabinet solution. The 216 kW Drivetrain Tester can be expanded to 270 kW thanks to a prewired reserve space in the cabinet. Furthermore, the cabinet contains a DC Discharge Unit and DC Switches.



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