Easy testing according to EMC standards with REGATRON's technologically advanced and modular Grid Simulator TC.ACS

Save your time for important things! Take advantage of the ready-to-use IEC test sequences which are available in REGATRON's full 4-Quadrant AC Power Sources / Grid Simulators of the TC.ACS series.

Already at their noteworthy launch in 2013, the versatile, powerful and easy scalable grid simulators REGATRON TC.ACS offered almost unlimited possibilities for the simulation of grid conditions and grid disturbances. Easy programming of curve shapes as well as entire waveform sequences and stimulus signals were already standard at that time.

In the meantime, a specialized team of REGATRON development and field application engineers has extended the functionality of the famous 'ACSControl' application software with fully automated electrical test sequences according to:

  • EN / IEC 61000-4-11   Electromagnetic compatibility; Voltage dips, short interruptions <=16A
  • EN / IEC 61000-4-13   Electromagnetic compatibility; Harmonics and interharmonics
  • EN / IEC 61000-4-14   Electromagnetic compatibility; Voltage fluctuation immunity test
  • EN / IEC 61000-4-27   Electromagnetic compatibility; Immunity, unbalance
  • EN / IEC 61000-4-28   Electromagnetic compatibility; Variation of power frequency, immunity test
  • EN / IEC 61000-4-34   Electromagnetic compatibility; Voltage dips, short interruptions >16A

Select the desired standard and the applicable class or parent standard and replay all needed waveforms and stimulus signals automatically!

All test steps can be monitored within the preview window and/or with the sequence tracer. A report generator enables the automatic documentation of the test steps performed.

The Customer's Benefits

  • Operators save a lot of time by running completely pre-programmed test sequences
  • Fast control response and accurate sensing provide stable operation and meaningful test results
  • Take advantage of the benefits of immediate documentation of test results
  • Test engineers receive a detailed sequence documentation
  • With a complete EMC test system from REGATRON, consisting of a TC.ACS grid simulator in combination with a well-proven power analyser, devices under test can also be tested and documented according to the following standards:
    • EN / IEC 61000-3-2
    • EN / IEC 61000-3-3
    • EN / IEC 61000-3-11
    • EN / IEC 61000-3-12

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