Factory Acceptance Test of a High-power Grid Simulator / Battery Simulator

500 kVA Grid Simulation and 512 kW Battery Simulation

Pictured is:

  • 500 kVA Modular Grid Simulator TC.ACS: Regenerative, full four quadrant source / sink AC power source
  • 512 kW Modular Battery Simulator TC.GSS: Regenerative, full two quadrant source / sink DC power supply

In addition to development and testing of Energy Storage Inverters the pictured scope of delivery allows for further DC and AC laboratory power applications:

  • Solar array simulation
  • Battery testing
  • On-board power system testing
  • Hardware-in-the-loop applications

The programmability of Regatron power sources allows for a wide field of applications, mainly supported by specialized application software.

More information: https://www.regatron.com/applications/


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