REGATRON's G5.Control PC Software: The User-friendly Operating and Service Software for the G5 Family of DC Power Supplies.

G5.Control allows complete and easy control of the power supply unit or entire master-slave system and also offers a whole range of service functions. A powerful tool for the engineer!

Like its famous predecessor TopControl for REGATRON's TopCon Quadro and TC.GSS series, G5.Control is a PC software that simplifies and speeds up the user's work. It has been completely reworked and is now even more ergonomic and provides an extended range of helpful functions.

In addition to basic control, configuration and update functions, G5.Control has a powerful integrated 8-channel digital scope. The high-resolution real-time display of numerous internal system signals allows the engineer to optimize the overall system in a targeted manner. Different configuration settings for single devices or master-slave systems are stored on the devices and can be recalled and edited with G5.Control. Firmware updates can be carried out quickly and easily for individual units as well as for master-slave systems with a single command. When handling support cases concerning the application of the power supplies, the built-in diagnostic functions help to quickly identify the problem.

The G5.Control operating and service software is included as standard with all G5 programmable DC power supplies and runs on PCs with Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. Tabs and function icons can be arranged individually on the screen by the user.

G5.Control includes the following functions:

System Control and Status Information

  • DC-On/Off, set values and display of actual values
  • Warnings, errors, and access to storable incident history
  • Setting of the controller mode (CV, CC, CP, CR)
  • Setting of simulated internal resistance (Ri) or conductance (Gi)

Programmable, Fast Protection of the Device Under Test

  • Limit settings of over- and undervoltage, overcurrent, overpower, I2t


  • Master-slave (re)configurations without the need for physical changes to the communication bus
  • PI parameter settings, power controller filter settings, controller monitoring
  • Adjustable slopes for set value steps
  • Voltage sensing for voltage drop compensation, error level setting
  • High- / low DC output capacitance setting
  • Behaviour of the system at 'Voltage Off': Active discharge, high impedance
  • AC grid settings

Powerful 8-Channel Digital Scope

  • Definition of trigger events, setting of pre-trigger interval
  • Saving and loading of scope-images to/from the file directory
  • Comparison of scope traces with reference signals
  • Examples of scope values: Actual and set values of voltages, currents, power, temperatures, controller signals, system state/error signals, and a variety of other device-internal parameters

Optional Time-Based Function Generator (TFE)

  • Function generator for time-dependent voltage, current, or power programming (sine, triangle, square, and user-defined data points) e.g., allows for ripple modulation or load profile simulation

Optional Application Area Programming (AAP)

  • Allows for the real-time simulation of nonlinear electrical two-pole networks e.g., by defining photovoltaic or fuel cell curves

User Levels / Authorizations

  • 'Standard User': Operating the power supply, no password required
  • 'Advanced User': A password is required e.g., to configure the power supply
  • 'Power User': A one-day password is required e.g., to calibrate/adjust the power supply

Calibration and Adjustment

Calibration and adjustment of the power supplies is performed by means of the G5.Control software. Provided the necessary precision equipment is available, calibration and adjustment can be carried out in the field by the user or a third-party service provider. REGATRON will provide the required one-day password and operating instructions free of charge. REGATRON will of course also perform calibration and adjustment of power supplies at the factory for a flat service fee.

Device Info

  • Product identification, nominal values
  • Installed software options and firmware versions
  • Operating hours

In addition to the operating and service software G5.Control, REGATRON offers various application software packages. For the field of DC applications, these are:

  • SASControl: Characteristic curves, live viewer, data collector, MPP tracking, testing according to standards 
  • BatSim: Battery simulation models, multi-channel data-logger, live viewer, data analyzer
  • BatControl: Charge/discharge algorithms, driving cycles, run previously recorded discharge/charge data

REGATRON's range of modular G5 DC power supplies includes:

  • Bidirectional Regenerative DC Power Supplies
  • DC Sources
  • Regenerative DC Electronic Loads

Furthermore, REGATRON offers the following application focused, regenerative DC test solutions:

  • Solar Array (PV) Simulators
  • Battery Simulators
  • EV Charger Testers
  • EV Drivetrain Component Testers
  • Battery Cyclers / Testers

REGATRON's DC power supplies range from 0...10 kW to 0...2000+ kW, up to 3000 VDC.

Do you have any questions or need any further information? REGATRON's inside sales and application engineers will be happy to find the right solution for your requirement.


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 G5.Control Function Generator TFE

G5.Control Function Generator TFE 


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