REGATRON is near completion of the brand new G5 family of technologically advanced high-power DC power supplies

REGATRON has been a pioneer in the field of fully digital, programmable, high-performance DC power supplies for over two decades. A curious look at the product features of the new G5 series is definitely worthwhile!

In the late 1990s, REGATRON started delivering the first fully digital switched-mode power supplies of the well-known TopCon family. A few years later the famous real-time TopCon Function Engine TFE with "Application Area Controlling" followed. Starting in 2010, the introduction and delivery of fully regenerative, modular, compact and fully digital DC power supplies set a new standard that received much attention throughout the industry. With this well-known product family TC.GSS, REGATRON was many years ahead of the competition.

All these products stand for clear visions, innovative yet solid and quality-conscious engineering, backed by excellent and timely customer service.

But neither research nor technology rest on their laurels. Let us now raise the curtain a bit to see what’s next! REGATRON’s G5 series combines our broad and solid experience of the last 50+ years with the latest circuit designs and semiconductor technologies. Here are a few highlights:

  • An intuitive, clear and easy to use Touch Screen Interface
  • A very compact and low-noise mechanical construction
  • Exceptional dynamic properties: Voltage/Current step response time of only 200 µs

  • Enhanced master/slave capabilities: Parallel/series/matrix connection including even parallel operation of units with different power ratings
  • Easy master/slave configuration through specialized software
  • Splitting of an existing master/slave network into independent sub-networks or single units with the software configurator, without need of physical changes on communication bus
  • Extended scope of basic functions: The series G5 power supplies can also be operated in Constant Resistance Mode

REGATRON’s G5 familiy is now in its final development stages and we’ll be able to provide you with more details and news soon! To keep up to date with our new series G5 and with all our other products, applications and company news, follow us on Social Media or sign up for our Newsletter.


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REGATRON DC Power Supplies, DC Electronic Loads and 4-Quadrant AC Power Sources:

  • Precisely engineered and technologically advanced
  • Modular and easy scalable
  • Operating software, data logger, powerful application software
  • Worldwide recognized for high quality and reliability


REGATRON  Performance. Precision. Quality.

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