REGATRON’s G5 Family - overview of our technologically advanced new high-power DC power supplies

The REGATRON G5 Family combines our broad and solid experience of the last 50+ years with the latest circuit designs and semiconductor technologies.

The G5 family features the compact regenerative, two quadrant source / sink DC power supplies (G5.RSS Series and G5.UNV Series), compact unidirectional DC power supplies (G5.SRC Series), compact regenerative DC electronic loads (G5.RLD Series) and application specific test solutions for charger testing (G5.CT Series), battery testing (G5.BAT Series), drivetrain testing (G5.DT Series), PV simulation, solar array testing and inverter testing (G5.SAS Series) and battery simulation (G5.BAS Series).

The G5 family supports voltages from 60...1500 VDC and power ranges from 9 kW to 2000+ kW. Higher voltages are available on request. Due to REGATRON's modular concept the systems may be easily adapted to our customers needs.

Here are a few highlights of the G5 Family:

  • Intuitive, clear and easy to use touch screen interface
  • Very compact and low-noise mechanical construction
  • Exceptional dynamic properties: voltage / current step response time of only 200 µs
  • Enhanced master / slave capabilities: parallel / series / matrix connection including even parallel operation of units with different power ratings
  • Easy master / slave configuration through specialized software
  • Splitting of an existing master / slave network into independent sub-networks or single units with the software configurator, without need of physical changes on communication bus
  • Extended scope of basic functions: The G5 power supplies can also be operated in constant resistance mode

Overview of the G5 family:

The G5 family includes both universal, programmable DC power supplies as well as power supply solutions for specific applications.

Universal Power SuppliesApplication-Specific Test Solutions


REGATRON: High power, small footprint, programmable test solutions.

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