Go a step further! Simulate real AC grids with REGATRON's new 'Grid Impedance Simulation' feature

With the increasing decentralized operation of public power grids, it is no longer just the performance criteria of the grid that are of great importance. Rather, due to the growing number of active grid participants such as solar plants, wind power plants and charging stations, the dynamic properties like the grid impedance and the characteristic time response of the AC grid are becoming more and more important.

Dynamic grid impedance simulation is an indispensable tool for analyzing the effects of the impedance of a given supply grid on the connected grid users. The first generation of electronic grid simulators is well capable of generating a voltage-controlled 3-phase grid. In order to simulate a realistic AC grid, the grid impedance usually has to be simulated with real power resistors and coils, which can quickly lead to expensive and bulky solutions, especially for larger power ratings.

REGATRON is also breaking new ground here: The 'Grid Impedance Simulation' feature is now available for the REGATRON TC.ACS grid simulators, which are well established on the world market and allow the influence of a grid impedance to be simulated electronically. This makes the purchase of expensive reactive power elements superfluous.


The new feature 'Grid Impedance Simulation'

 Overview of the simulation real network


The new feature offers the following options:

  • Definition of resistance and inductance separately for each phase and the neutral conductor.
  • Simulation of the influence of line lengths in an AC supply network.
  • Adjustable cut-off frequency of the signal low-pass filter for optimally stable simulation quality.
  • Up to three single-phase DUTs can be tested simultaneously with different network configurations.
  • Compensation of the influence of a mains impedance, this is advantageous if a voltage sense measurement cannot be used for compensation (e.g. for DUTs connected to an external AC breaker).


Operation and configuration

The configuration of resistors R and inductances L according to the equivalent circuit diagram below is carried out using the ACSControl operating, service and analysis software.

 Equivalent circuit diagram of mains impedance


All settings for the grid impedance simulation are made available in the configuration window in the 'Grid Impedance' tab. Depending on the application, simulation or compensation mode of a grid impedance can be selected.

ACSControl Grid Impedance


To optimize the accuracy and stability of the simulation, the signal loop cut-off frequency can be influenced by means of a variable low-pass filter. For networks with nominal frequencies of 50/60 Hz, a cut-off frequency of 500 Hz has proven optimum results in practical tests. With this setting, the grid impedance simulation is stable and very accurate together with a large number of different DUTs.

For the simulation of asymmetrically loaded or single-phase AC grids, the simulation of the impedance of the neutral conductor can also be activated. The mains impedance simulation is an optional REGATRON TC.ACS feature. It can be easily installed and activated by the user on site for TC.ACS devices that have already been delivered.


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