High-current DC Power Supply from REGATRON: Nominal current 6084 A, nominal power 162 kW, footprint less than 1 m²

Bidirectional, source, or sink – regenerative – highly dynamic and highly accurate – parallel, series, and matrix operation – highest current and power density

High currents are used in many applications and are required for testing and simulation of the following devices and systems:

  • Battery modules and battery packs
  • Fuel cells and electrolysers
  • E-drive systems and hybrid systems
  • various high-current components

High-current Project with over 18000 A

The demanding project was realized for a renowned research institute. REGATRON won the contract in a public tender. The scope of delivery includes three identical 162 kW power supply systems, each consisting of three 54 kW units with nominal voltage of 80 VDC and nominal current of 2028 A. This provides one, two, or three DC outputs per 162 kW system, depending on the configuration. Some possible operating ranges are listed below as examples:

  • 3 x 54 kW / 80 V / 2028 A
  • 1 x 54 kW / 80 V / 2028 A and 1 x 108 kW / 80 V / 4056 A
  • 1 x 162 kW / 80 V / 6084 A
  • 1 x 162 kW / 240 V / 2028 A

Switching between single, parallel, or series configuration is done by the user in the operating, service, and analysis software G5.Control. The high-current output connection is made with copper bridges, which are part of the scope of delivery.


Eindrücke aus der Systembau-Werkstatt von REGATRON

Legend: 6000.5 A displayed on the master HMI – Copper bars at the output of the high-current DC Power Supply – Impressions from REGATRON's cabinet assembly workshop

In master-slave operation of all three systems, the following operating ranges can be covered, depending on the configuration:

  • 1 x 486 kW / 80 V / 18252 A
  • 1 x 486 kW / 240 V / 6084 A
  • 1 x 486 kW / 720 V / 2028 A

The present high-performance DC power supply system of REGATRON's G5 family is modular, has an all-digital regulation and system control, and has the following outstanding features:

  • System auto-ranging factor of 27 (!)
  • High control dynamics in the 100...200 µs range – even at high power levels
  • Exceptional accuracy of voltage and current: <0.01% FS (voltage) and <0.025% FS (current)
  • Additional high resolution current measurement range of -10%...10% Imax with an accuracy of <0.003% FS

Dimensions of REGATRON high current DC power supply: rated current 6084 A, rated power 162 kW

Legend: Complete view of the 486 kW high-current DC power supply. The depth is 1020 mm. The three side cabinets were added at the customer's request (storage of cables).


DC and AC Power Supplies from REGATRON: Versatile – Reliable – Intelligent

With Power Supplies from REGATRON, your laboratory or test bench is best equipped to meet a wide range of requirements. Thanks to the unique modular concept, an exceptionally large power, voltage, and current range can be covered. REGATRON's G5 Power Supplies are tested automatically at all stages of the production process and are of highest quality. Worldwide, users of REGATRON Power Supplies can count on proven high-quality customer support and fast service. Therefore, the purchase of a REGATRON Power Supply is a worthwhile and sustainable investment.

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At REGATRON, we power the progress in e-mobility, renewable energy, power conversion, energy storage, and a variety of industrial applications. REGATRON develops, manufactures, and distributes innovative DC and AC Power Supplies for research, development, and testing applications. REGATRON is a globally recognized manufacturer and offers high-quality customer support and fast service worldwide. REGATRON is the core of an independent, medium-sized, and owner-managed group of companies that focuses on power supplies and employs around 200 people. A worldwide network of sales partners and subsidiaries ensures REGATRON's strong international market presence.

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