High Flexibility even with Megawatt Power

Several megawatts of e-power with compact programmable power supplies - unthinkable just a few years ago - but already state of the art today! Rapid advances in power electronics and battery technology is making it possible for electric energy to move into areas of application that were traditionally reserved for fossil fuels due to their high power levels.

Today, e-buses and e-trucks are travelling noiselessly through cities, passenger ships and especially ferries have discovered the electric drive because of its fine controllability and fast response time, construction machinery and even smaller aircraft are taking advantage of the high power density and excellent efficiency. The development of these systems requires both comprehensive simulations and sophisticated test methods to ensure that such drive systems can fulfil the required qualifications in practice. The architecture of REGATRON's G5 product family provides users with a power supply system that can be preconfigured on two levels:

  • Level 1 of power units with 216 kW or 324 kW, internally composed of individual G5 power modules of 54 kW each
  • Overall system level 2 with freely configurable power units up to 6 MW system power

With this system architecture, for example, a load voltage range from 500 V to 3000 V can be covered at full power!


A realised example

The system of one of our customers, currently undergoing final testing, comprises a total of nine power units of 324 kW each, which can be operated as a system with a power output of up to 2916 kW. The power units themselves contain six G5 base units of 54 kW / 1500 V / 108 A each. These can be configured internally in parallel to 324 kW / 1500 V / 648 A or in matrix connection to
324 kW / 3000 V / 324 A and form the first level of the system. This results in the following current/voltage diagram:

Current and voltage diagram

Legend: Current/voltage diagram of a 324 kW power unit with different pre-configuration 'red' and 'amber'


The second level is formed by interconnecting the power units to form a complete system. The power units are connected in parallel, which means that currents of 5832 A to 1944 A are available with a 1500 V configuration. With a 3000 V configuration, the current range runs from 2916 A down to 972 A. There is an expansion option for this system up to 6 MW.

General view of the systemSystem with HMI control



Concerns about complexity?

The most important goals in the development of such powerful systems are

  • Maintaining excellent control dynamics as compared to individual modules
  • Uncompromising system safety features in accordance with the relevant standards
  • Easy-to-understand and straightforward centralized system management and operation

In practice, this means: The individual power units are powered up and the safety circuits are activated via a central master unit. This allows the system to be controlled on site or remotely by the various programming interfaces such as API, CANmp, EtherCATSCPI or using Regatron's software products. The high-speed communication bus ensures that all relevant data is handled without delay. Practical use has shown that both the dynamic and static operating values of a 54 kW G5 power unit can be scaled up to the MW range showing almost identical dynamics.


Measurement of reloading

Legend: The G5 power supply units offer the same performance over a wide range, from individual 54 kW units all the way up to systems in the smaller megawatt range! The measurement shown here a recharge from -1.25 MW to +1.25 MW within 50 μs! The parameterization of controller parameters and slope times allows the user to adapt the rise time and transient behavior to the testing exercise.


Selection of the power units

The voltage/current range can be selected depending on the voltage level of the 54 kW base unit and the type of configutation. With the parallel connection of the compact 216 kW or 324 kW power units, the system power level can be selected as large as required.

Selection of the 216 kW power unit 

Selection of the 324 kW power unit


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