Innovative Further Development of AC Load Simulation – AC Power Supplies from REGATRON new with Load Profiles

The regenerative AC power supplies TC.ACS from REGATRON have established a firm place on the world market due to their versatile application possibilities both as programmable grid simulators and as powerful AC loads. Outstanding features are above all the impressively wide-ranging programmability, the modular system design, the robustness of the devices and the intuitive operation of the operating, service and analysis software ACSControl.

By extending the already existing power mode with configurable load profiles, REGATRON is offering a further way to automate the operation of this device series. The basic idea behind the new feature is automated testing with AC loads in the time-domain, opening up new ways of test procedures in the areas of production and development.

The advantage over real AC loads is that load profiles are ideally suited to simulate static or dynamic limit situations and thus to test the robustness of a test object to different types of AC loads and load changes. With REGATRON's load profiles for the AC power supplies TC.ACS, complex circuits for load changes and the purchase of different types of AC loads are a thing of the past.


At a glance

  • Simulation of inductive and/or capacitive load situations that change over time
  • Sequence definition of load profiles with specification of ramp times, duration, apparent power and phase angle or active power and reactive power
  • All 3 phases can be configured independently of each other
  • Easy-to-interpret visualisation of the programmed sequence by the aid of a preview
  • Display of the time-relevant load values and the associated power vector diagram for any point in time
  • "Slider bar" for scrolling through the entire preview area
  • The new feature can be retrofitted to existing TC.ACS systems on site
  • Integrated cos(φ) to phase angle φ converte

Load profile overview


Operation and Configuration

Load profile tool bar

A new tab in the ACSControl operating, service and analysis software enables user-friendly control (start, stop) and configuration of the load profiles. Depending on the requirements of the application, the user can choose between the setpoint specification of apparent power (S) and phase angle (φ) or active power (P) and reactive power (Q). The number of repetitions of the entire load profile can also be specified. A load profile, also known as a 'power mode sequence', can be saved and loaded as a file. It is also possible to control and load a sequence via the .NET API.


Load profile steps

A 'power mode sequence' consists of several steps. The output of a trigger signal, the ramp time, the setpoint values for S/φ or P/Q and the duration can be defined in a step. It is possible to insert or delete a step at any point in the sequence.

The cosine function cannot be displayed understandably in the preview. For this reason, the setpoint values S and φ were selected instead of the setpoint values S and cos(φ). However, S and cos(φ) are known for many load profiles to be simulated. The integrated cos(φ) to phase angle φ converter enables the user to make a quick and easy conversion.


Load profile preview

To ensure a simple overview and control, the configured load profile is visualised in the preview. The entire preview can be scrolled through using the "slider bar". The corresponding power vector diagram is correctly displayed at each selected time.

The power mode is an optional feature. It can be retrofitted by the user on site for TC.ACS devices that have already been delivered. Both variants of the power mode are included in the feature. The already existing power mode with constant power specification has been renamed "Basic Power Mode" to differentiate in between the two functionalities.

You can find another article about load profiles here.


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