Introducing G5.SCPI: SCPI Interface Available for REGATRON's G5 Family

A further step ahead for the successful REGATRON G5 DC Power Supply family: The new G5.SCPI interface takes account of today's complex requirements of test benches and automation platforms.

The G5.SCPI interface provides a robust and standardized solution for controlling G5 devices and offers well-known benefits such as ease of use, versatility, and efficiency to users in a wide range of applications.


At a Glance

  • Standardization: G5.SCPI provides a standardized command set for controlling instruments, ensuring compatibility and interoperability between different manufacturers' devices. This standardization simplifies programming and integration efforts, as programmers can use a consistent set of commands across various instruments.
  • Ease of Use: G5.SCPI commands are designed to be human-readable and intuitive, making them easier to learn and apply compared to proprietary command sets. This facilitates quicker development of test scripts and reduces the learning effort for inexperienced users.
  • Versatility: SCPI supports a wide range of measurement instruments and peripheral equipment, including oscilloscopes, multimeters, power supplies, spectrum analyzers, and more. G5 devices with G5.SCPI may be integrated easily into automated test systems via LAN TCP/IP (Local Area Network).
  • Efficiency: G5.SCPI commands are designed to be concise and efficient, minimizing communication overhead and reducing command execution times. This improves the overall performance and responsiveness of test and measurement systems, especially in high-throughput applications.
  • G5 Device Configuration: G5.SCPI commands provide comprehensive control over device settings, allowing users to configure standard parameters such as set values and protect limits and even more automation-relevant variables. This flexibility enables the customization of the device to suit very specific testing requirements.

The Hardware

The customer's SCPI network is connected directly to the G5 standard LAN interface. The new G5.SCPI functionality is licensed and can be enabled by an activation code. Activation can be done directly at the customer's site with just a few simple steps.
The G5.SCPI interface can now be ordered and is expected to be available at the end of April 2024.


Other Available Interfaces

  • Ethernet and USB: For control with Regatron's operating and service software G5.Control or various Application Software as well as for automation purposes via API .NET programming, e.g. via LabView, Python, Matlab or WebAPI (REST) interface via the optional HMI / RCU.
  • I/O Port: Interface with analog and digital signals that are used for set and actual values, operating states or the control of application-specific parameter sets.
  • CAN Interface: Interface with a data rate of 1 kHz and a resolution of 16 bits, it can be adapted to any proprietary CAN bus and supports the processing of dbc files.
  • ECAT: The EtherCAT Slave Interface supports configuration via ESI file, communicates in a 1 kHz cycle and enables the entire process data to be transferred in the same cycle.
  • HMI/RCU: The integrated HMI or the remote RCU enables comprehensive and convenient operation of the power supply unit via the touch display.

G5.ECAT new EtherCAT interface Application software G5.RCU Remote Control Unit G5.Control Operating and Service Software


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