Maximum Flexibility for Your Test and Laboratory Systems

High-Power supplies for your test and laboratory applications are expensive investments that will meet your needs for years to come. But who can predict which direction technical developments will take? Will there be an unexpected demand for more voltage with less amperage? Or the other way around?

Modularity is the keyword here: Thanks to the undisputed leading position of REGATRON G5 DC power supply units, the user has almost unbelievable interconnection options at his disposal!


G5 Multifunctional DC Power Supplies – Developed to Work Together!

REGATRON already recognised the possibilities of series and/or parallel connection of individual devices in the first generations of digitally controlled DC power supply units, and developed them further without compromise. In addition to pure parallel or series connection, the latest generation of REGATRON G5 power supply units has almost any combination options in MATRIX arrangement, such as series connection of device groups with group-internal parallel connection and vice versa. Another novelty is the possibility of connecting devices of the same voltage category in parallel, regardless of their rated power!


Series and/or parallel connection of DC power supply units


Probably the most amazing feature of the G5 devices is that any individual device can be removed from a network at any time and used immediately as a fully-fledged individual power supply without any customisation! The operation of such a single device is carried out as usual via an integrated HMI, via an RCU remote control, via the Regatron application software or by means of a bus connection to a higher-level automation system.


The Configuration of Interconnected Systems

REGATRON recognised at an early stage that the configuration of a G5 network in the laboratory or in the test bench must be as simple and time-saving as possible. Manipulation of device addresses and scaling factors is now a thing of the past! The previous versions of the G5 power supply units already offered the option of configuring a device network using the TopControl operating and maintenance software – quickly, clearly and efficiently. This procedure has been significantly refined and adapted for the G5 device family. The result is impressive: Today, a G5 multi-unit system with up to 2000+ kilowatts of power can be configured in no time at all providing finely graduated system voltages and currents corresponding to the power! Switching to a different test or laboratory task or even splitting a large configuration into several independent sub-configurations is just as easy.


G5.Control operating and service software

Legend: The "Multi-Device configuration" of the G5.Control operating and service software provides a simple overview with identification of the connected devices, their position in the system and additional wiring instructions.


Your Consultants for Future-Proof Power Supply Systems: Fit for the Future!

Of course, REGATRONs Field Application Engineers do not have a crystal ball to predict the future technical challenges of your company  but they do have a wealth of expertise from countless REGATRON power supply solutions installed worldwide. Experience paired with precise knowledge of the device characteristics are the best prerequisites for targeted advice on the design of a customised power supply system "fit for the future"!


Power Supplies from REGATRON: Versatile – Reliable – Intelligent

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