Message from the Chairman of the Board

Dear Readers

As Chairman of the Board, REGATRON's 50th Anniversary fills me with pride and great joy. The company is solidly positioned and provides outstanding technological achievements.

The company history of REGATRON reveals from the beginning a series of technological innovations. While during the first 25 years these innovations were predominantly electronic precision drives for the European market, the company subsequently built a second foothold in the rapidly expanding world market for programmable power supplies. In this area too, REGATRON is well established among the world's best competition thanks to significant innovations.

REGATRON can claim to have led to the breakthrough of full digital control technology in power supplies, to have introduced real-time signal processing at device level and to have developed the first full regenerative power supply generation. With the development of high-speed AC grid simulators, the company also gained access to complex, high-performance laboratory technology in the field of AC and DC applications.

Today, REGATRON offers a diversified product portfolio for various development and test applications in the fields of solar industry, electromobility, energy storage, smart grids, laboratory technology as well as for research and scientific education. REGATRON power supplies are well known for being precisely engineered and technologically advanced.

Our highly specialized Field Application Engineering, Customer Support, Product Management and Development teams work together very closely and systematically to ensure that REGATRON continues to develop those innovations which offer the maximum added value to our customers. Our development projects are well defined and well planned for the next few years. I am particularly pleased that we are developing technologies that are used in many future oriented applications and that REGATRON’s technologies also contribute to environmental protection and in particular to CO2 reduction.

It is my desire to express my personal gratitude to our employees for their tireless efforts and their remarkable achievements, to our customers and worldwide sales partners for their loyalty and their trust in our company, products and services.

I am convinced that REGATRON will continue to grow and that our 50-year success story will also go on in the future.

Rorschach, April 10, 2019
Georg Hardmeier, M.Sc. ETH in Electrical Engineering
Chairman of the Board


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