Modular - Programmable - Efficient: REGATRON DC and AC Power Sources

Our Product Range, Test Solutions, Exceptional Characteristics and Application Versatility Summarized in a One-Page Overview Document.

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Following are some of REGATRON's exceptional DC and AC programmable power supplies characteristics

  • Finely graduated voltage- / power levels
  • Modular design - 10 kW up to 2000+ kW range
  • High voltage operation up to 2000 VDC
  • Wide range AC input voltage
  • Parallel, Series or Mixed (Parallel & Series) operation
  • Bidirectional and regenerative types
  • Easy scalable systems and configurable properties by the user on site
  • 2-channel safety interface and various user safety options
  • Application software, programming interfaces and APIs
  • Air- or liquid cooling
  • Rugged design for harsh environmental conditions (option)
  • Turn-key cabinet solutions
  • 3 years warranty, extended warranty available
  • World wide qualified and timely customer support

Available Product Series

  • TC.ACS Regenerative 4-Quadrant AC Power Sources
  • TC.GSS Regenerative 2-Quadrant DC Power Supplies
  • TopCon Quadro DC Power Supplies
  • TC.GXS Regenerative DC Electronic Loads
  • TC.DSS Bidirectional DC/DC Converters

Battery Simulators ∙ Battery Testers ∙ Grid Simulators ∙ PV Simulators ∙ Capacitance Simulators ∙ Fuel Cell Simulators


Covered Applications

Testing / Simulation / Cycling / Charging / Discharging of: Batteries ∙ Supercaps ∙ Fuel Cells ∙ Electrical Energy Storage Devices ∙ On-board Electrical Systems and Components ∙ E-Drive Trains ∙ Photovoltaic and other Inverters. Plasma Surface Technology. Grid Simulation. Simulation of Grid Impedance e.g. for Anti-Islanding Tests. RLC Load Mode. Power Amplifier. High Bandwidth Hardware in the Loop (P-HIL) with External Real-time Processor. R+D on Smart Grid Configurations. General Test Lab Applications. Standard Tests. Programmable Tests. Versatile Educational Laboratory Applications.

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