Modularity of Programmable Power Supply Systems – REGATRON’s Credo

The advantageous modularity of REGATRON power supply solutions allows the system to be easily adapted to ever changing test requirements.

Already at the market introduction of the first generation of fully digital programmable power supplies more than 20 years ago, REGATRON used the many advantages of digital system communication for the common management of individual devices connected together. This was then the birth of configurable power supplies!
Soon it was even possible to manage combinations of series and parallel wired devices, so-called matrix circuits. This extended the possibilities for a multi-device power system again considerably. Today, this technology has been further developed to such an extent that the configuration of the entire power system may be managed by the famous G5.Control software. It is also possible to split up a system into several independent subsystems. This gives the term 'modularity' a completely new meaning today. Even with just a few individual devices, a wide variety of power source characteristics can be generated by clever interconnection. Numerous new functions of the system control software G5.Control as well as other helpful features relieve the operator and make the reconfiguration of a multi-unit power supply system a child's play.


New functions for the operation of multi-unit power systems

The configuration of “true modular” power sources looks quite simple at first glance, but in practice it is a demanding process. It must be ensured that each individual device finds its correct place and function within a quite complicated electrical two-pole part matrix, especially in the case of series and mixed mode configuration.
Once again, REGATRON leads the way as a pioneering company by making system configuration completely software-based! The tedious definition of special address patterns and the manual setting of device addresses were yesterday! Today, the service and operation software G5.Control does this with a few fingertips. A novel device control level makes it possible to avoid patching the master-slave communication cables, even for complicated configuration changes. G5.Control provides also meaningful visualisations that display the current configuration as well as the most important data of the involved devices.
In addition to the software-based configuration by G5.Control, the advanced REGATRON G5-Series power supplies provide another useful interface: The G5-API port is best suited as an interface to the customers test software and handles also power system reconfiguration instructions.
There is also news on the DC side of the system! REGATRON now offers reconfigurable DC switch panels in its product range, which allows the easy implementation of the desired parallel, series or mixed mode circuits. For this purpose, no heavy DC connections have to be unscrewed and reconnected to the individual devices, just arrange specialised ‘bridge pieces’ in the correct order.
Even faster and more effortless is the automatic switchboard (Remote Switching Configuration RSC), in which the switching operations are carried out remotely and automatically by means of power breakers driven and supervised by a controller. With the help of the Automatic Switchboard, the changeover from one to a completely different configuration scene takes only seconds; there is no need to reconnect cables whether in the power section nor at the control level. These are the ideal conditions for fully automated test runs and sequences.


The big four elements for your multi-device power supply system

Success is no coincidence! Note the consistent and systematic further development of the modular REGATRON power supply building blocks:

  • REGATRON new G5 DC power supply units, fully modular, allowing for parallel- or series or even mixed parallel- / series operation
  • With an ultra-fast control level communication, the key for extremely dynamic system control
  • G5.Control, versatile service and operating software, provides software-based multi-device system configuration
  • REGATRON system technology switchboard or REGATRON automatic switchboard (Remote Switching Configuration RSC) for the ease of reconfiguration of multi-device power systems

Request assistance for your multi-device power systems!

Explain to our Field Application Experts the system requirements for your laboratories, your development division or your test department. We will be happy to advise you on the selection of suitable components and the optimum system architecture.


Modular power supplies from REGATRON: Flexible - variable - powerful! A solid investment in the future!


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 G5.Control service and application software

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