REGATRON Steps Ahead with a Multifunctional HMI for TC.ACS Grid Simulator Systems

Innovative touch-screen technology offers you the entire grid simulation data on screen at a glance. It has never been easier to keep track.

Nowadays most programmable power sources include a human machine interface (HMI) which offers not only a convenient way to set up operation modes, but also a structured visualization of output data and system messages. Additional recording, measurement, and analysis equipment may also need to be connected on the load side of the system. Until now, the data from auxiliary equipment had to be handled and displayed on multiple PC systems.

The new multifunctional HMI for REGATRON TC.ACS Grid Simulators was designed with full PC capabilities in mind. Besides comfortable programming and intuitive operation of the TC.ACS Grid Simulator, the new and multifunctional HMI excels at concisely displaying all data from additional measurement and analysis devices.

Important advantages in the areas of testing, laboratory, and R+D

REGATRON strives to offer user-friendly solutions rather than mere hardware. For example, during EMC tests in which the TC.ACS simulates a unique grid situation with various types of interference, the use of an additional power analyzer for pass-fail tests is indispensable.

With the ability to integrate the control panel of the power analyzer and the device under test into one control platform, the user can conveniently carry out and monitor tests from a single interface.


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