National Future Day 2022 - Get a taste of working life at REGATRON

On National Future Day 2022, REGATRON welcomed ten girls and boys who spent a day getting to know the company and various professions.


The morning started with a tour of the company through the logistics, systems engineering, and assembly departments. At the end of the tour, the children were able to enjoy a delicious snack with their escorts and share their first impressions.



Nachwuchs in der Logistik

Following a leisurely break, the youngsters completed a challenge in the logistics department that required a lot of skill.



Teenager löten Surrli

After that, accuracy was the key to success! The young visitors were allowed to assemble the circuit board of "Surrli", a luminous spinning top, and solder the components themselves. Here, some came in contact with resistors, LEDs and soldering irons for the first time in their lives. At the end, everyone was thrilled and able to proudly take home their self-made souvenir from REGATRON.



After a hearty lunch, the students joined some of our employees at their work place and had the possibility to look over their shoulders and gain insight into the daily work routines at REGATRON. There were all kinds of things to discover in the areas of information technology, development, testing, firmware development, and logistics.

Thus, the young talents returned home in the evening "tired from work", but with a bag full of memories. Who knows, maybe we will meet one of them again as a trainee or employee at REGATRON - we are looking forward to it!

Interested parties can find more information about apprenticeships at REGATRON here (in German).


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