National Future Day 2023 - REGATRON opened the doors for young talents

REGATRON welcomed 13 young girls and boys. For one day, they got the opportunity to see the company and get a first-hand experience of different professions.

The day began with an exciting tour of the company, where the schoolchildren got some insights into the logistics, system construction, and assembly departments. This was perfect to get an overview of the working life at REGATRON. Then, the young participants were able to enjoy a little snack with their escorts and share first impressions with each other.

After the break, they had their first challenge: an obstacle course in the logistic department. This required not only skill but also good teamwork. Next, it was all about precision: As a second challenge, the teenagers had the opportunity to create their own individual spinning top "Surrli". Here they could learn for the first time how to work with soldering irons, LEDs, and resistors. Everyone could take their own handmade spinning top home.


Tour of the companyObstacle course in the logistic department


After an invigorating lunch break, the girls and boys were welcome to watch our specialists in action to learn more about the daily work routines at REGATRON. They discovered different activities in the areas of hardware development, software development, test field, information technology and logistics. The National Future Day 2023 ended with tired but happy faces. The young talents returned home filled with rich impressions and experiences. Who knows, maybe we will meet some of them again someday, as trainees or employees at REGATRON. We are excited. We are eager to see what the future holds.


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