New configurable CAN Interface TC.ACS.CANmp for TC.ACS Grid Simulators

Increasing demands in the field of network simulation require more flexible solutions. REGATRON's new CAN interface TC.ACS.CANmp offers high transmission rates, a customizable protocol, and digital inputs/outputs for logic functions and status display.

REGATRON's versatile TC.ACS grid simulators are increasingly used in highly dynamic test and research applications. Therefore a fast data link between the superposed control structure and the AC power source / sink system is required. The new TC.ACS.CANmp interface has been developed exactly for this requirement. With the user configurable CAN multi-protocol the creation of a new CAN network or the integration into an existing one is easily done.

Key Features & Functionality

  • CAN protocol configurable by the user
  • Fulfills ISO 11898-1 (CAN 2.0B)
  • CANmp configuration tool for configuration with a dbc file available
  • Cyclic or sync messages and several prioritization levels per message available
  • Up to 20 16-bit signals packed into 5 messages for each direction, transmit / receive, can be configured at a transmission rate of 1kHz
  • A simplified variant of the waveform generator is available in the controller modes CV and CC
  • Synchronization of the waveform generator to the analog inputs or to the simulation port voltage
  • 8 digital inputs and outputs for logic functionality and indication of operating states


The TC.ACS.CANmp interface is mounted on the rear side of the device (TC.ACS). It consists of 2 D-sub 9 pin male connectors to establish a point to point connection or to connect up to 32 bus nodes in a network topology. The CANmp hardware fits all TC.ACS. Retrofitting of already delivered devices is possible in the field.

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