New function in TC.ACS Grid Simulator allows higher currents, e.g. when testing single-phase on-board chargers for e-cars

REGATRON's Grid Simulators offer significant advantages when testing chargers up to 22 kW. Now, double the rated current is available in single-phase operation. Learn more in this article.

Charging technology for electric cars is an important factor in the progressive spread of e-mobility. For charging e-car batteries, there are both single-phase and three-phase chargers in the power range of up to 22 kW. The charger is typically built-in as on-board charger (OBC) in the e-car.

The chargers must be developed and qualified for all common electricity grids worldwide and tested following production. The grid simulator used for this purpose should therefore be able to simulate a wide range of grid voltages and conditions in single-phase and three-phase grids.

Parallel Connection of the Phases

To meet the requirements mentioned above, REGATRON has added the new Phase Connections functionality to the versatile Grid Simulators of the TC.ACS series. It offers the possibility to connect single phases in parallel in different configurations. Both manual and programmable/automatable functions are available to the user to adapt the four active output channels (3L+N) to the test requirements.

For charger test applications up to 22 kW, the following grids can be simulated with the 30 kVA device of the TC.ACS series:
- 3-ph 380 - 480 VAC / max. 43 A (3L)
- 1-ph 220 - 230 VAC / max. 86 A (1L double current)
- 1-ph 110 - 120 VAC / max. 86 A (1L double current)
- Split-phase 220 - 240 VAC / max. 86 A (2L double voltage/current)

Phasenumschaltung in der ACS.Control Software

The selection of the different configurations can be done manually with the ACSControl software or via an external automation system using the .NET API or the CAN interface. The reconfiguration between the different phase connections can be done manually in laboratory operation and with system integrated contactor circuitry during automated testing. Detailed information on the electrical key data of the various connections can be found in the downloadable data sheets.

More powerful, usually public DC charging stations (high-power-charging, HPC, DC fast charging) offer higher charging ratings (50 to 350 kW). For the grid-side testing of high-power chargers, the TC.ACS 50 kVA device or parallel connection of two or more devices (n times 50 kVA) are available.

Bidirectional AC Source-Sink for Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) / Vehicle-to-Home (V2H)

In addition to AC source operation, AC sink operation for V2G/V2H-applications is increasingly gaining importance in grid-side testing of chargers. Since REGATRON's Grid Simulators are regenerative 4-quadrant 1-to-3-phase AC source-sink devices, they are ideally suited for bidirectional applications.

Regenerative chargers are considered power generation equipment and require conformity with country-specific grid standards. Tests according to typical standards such as VDE-AR 4105, VDE-AR 4110, VDE V 0124-100, IEEE 1547, UL 1741 can be programmed with the optional GridSim application software. The optional RLC load mode also offers the possibility of performing tests for islanding detection.

Bidirectional DC Source-Sink for E-car Battery Simulation

REGATRON also offers specific solutions for the DC-side testing of chargers. More information about the successful Charger Tester Series G5.CT can be found here.

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