New EV Charger Testers from REGATRON: Intelligent, Regenerative, with Active Voltage Output.

EV charging technology is the dominant factor in the market success of e-mobility. In addition to fast and smooth battery charging algorithms, today's EV chargers also feature options for special functions such as superimposed load management.

REGATRON's G5.CT test systems for electric vehicle chargers enable targeted development and testing of all types of chargers from simple wallboxes to on-board chargers (OBC) up to complex charging infrastructures: Fully programmable, highly dynamic, equipped with various safety functions to protect operators and hardware.

The modular G5.CT charger tester series is designed specifically for the development and testing of EV battery chargers. It perfectly simulates the electrical charging characteristics of battery packs. This includes active voltage output and Ri real-time simulation. The G5.CT series offers full digital CV, CC, CP, CR and Ri-Sim control modes and is suitable for use in laboratories as well as on test benches and production lines. The modular and finely graded G5.CT series is characterized by highly dynamic response times and a wide current-voltage range with an auto-ranging factor of 3.

The optional CAN multi-protocol (CANmp) interface has a 1 kHz data rate, a 16-bit resolution and is adaptable to any proprietary CAN bus. Further options are safety circuits up to level PL e according to EN-ISO-13849 and active electronic insulation monitoring. Individually customized turn-key cabinet solutions are also available. The integrated powerful 8-channel digital scope and adjustable controller settings assist the user to easily achieve optimal system behavior. Different system or device configurations can be stored, edited, and recalled on board the power supply.

With the grid simulators of the TC.ACS series REGATRON also offers the suitable test equipment for the mains side of the charger. Starting with a power of 30 kVA, complete testing solutions can be offered. Click here for more information about the well established TC.ACS series.


REGATRON Systems: Modular and Easily Scalable

G5.CT battery-charger test systems range from 0...18 kW to 0...2000+ kW, up to 1500 VDC. Higher voltages are available on request. REGATRON's modular concept allows the system to be easily adapted to ever changing test requirements. Not only is it possible to reconfigure between parallel, series, and mixed operation, but also to expand the system with additional power supply units or to split it into smaller units. Therefore, the purchase of a REGATRON battery-charger tester is a solid investment for the future.

If the charger-under-test is a unidirectional device, the G5.CT series is suitable in its basic version: unidirectional regenerative DC sinks with active voltage output. For bidirectional chargers that can feed energy back to the grid, fully bidirectional test devices are available from REGATRON. A subsequent upgrade of the G5.CT devices from 1-quadrant to 2-quadrant capability is also possible.


G5.CT Battery-Charger Tester Series

162 kW in a mobile rack

Height 1,9 ... 2,1 m
             75 ... 83 in


  • Technologically advanced, fast switching, compact 19-inch DC electronic loads / power supplies
  • High control dynamics in the 100...200 µs range – even at higher power levels
  • Exceptional current accuracy of <0.02% FS, additional high-resolution current measurement range included as standard
  • Full power regeneration and a high degree of efficiency, resulting in significant reduction of energy consumption and heat dissipation, low acoustic noise
  • Wide current-voltage range with an auto-ranging factor of 3
  • Full digital CV, CC, CP, CR, and Ri-Sim control modes

System Capability

  • Modular and easily scalable systems
  • Parallel, series, and mixed operation with a digital high-speed bus
  • Simple master-slave configuration by means of the operating software
  • Turn-key cabinet solutions up to IP54 available, mobile or stationary
  • Project-specific system integration according to customer specifications available
  • Optional safety features such as 2-channel safety interface and insulation monitoring
  • Optional third party product integration, AC/DC connectors, and cables for convenient handling

System Control

  • Operating software: extended analysis, parameterization options, and calibration
  • Powerful application programming interfaces (API)
  • Optional front-panel-integrated control unit HMI with intuitive colour touch screen
  • Optional CAN multi-protocol interface with 1 kHz data rate and 16-bit resolution

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The newly developed G5 family includes both universal, programmable DC power supplies as well as power supply solutions for specific applications.

Universal Power SuppliesApplication-Specific Power Supplies
  • G5.RSS Programmable Regenerative DC Source Sink Series
  • G5.SRC Programmable DC Power Supply Series
  • G5.RLD Regenerative DC Electronic Load Series
  • G5.UNV Universal Regenerative DC Source Sink Series
  • G5.BT Battery Tester Series
  • G5.CT Charger Tester Series
  • G5.DT Drivetrain Tester Series
  • G5.SAS Solar Array Simulator Series
  • G5.BAS Battery Simulator Series


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