Significant expansion of the functionality of REGATRON's versatile 1-to-3 phase AC sources/sinks: TC.ACS new with power mode.

The range of applications for the regenerative TC.ACS series continues to grow. The new Power Mode simplifies the simulation of AC load circuitry and enables load tests of generators, AC charging stations for electric vehicles and power units in the aviation sector.

A significant step ahead: The new load mode of the TC.ACS series complements the already existing RLC mode.

For many electrical consumers to be simulated, both apparent power and power factor cos(φ) are known, from which the values as RLC load can be calculated. To simplify the simulation, the new power mode now offers the possibility to specify the setpoints for apparent power and power factor cos(φ) or alternatively for the active and reactive power, both capacitive or inductive. The selected power and the shift between voltage and current are kept constant. The fully regenerative TC.ACS power sources operate in all four quadrants and therefore allow the power mode to be used in both source and sink modes. All three phases are individually controlled against the common neutral. The control is done via the user software ACSControl or via the common interfaces CAN or .NET API.

The power mode is an optional feature. It can be easily retrofitted by the user on site for TC.ACS devices already delivered.

Application Example 1: Simulation of AC Consumers in Smart Grid Test Setup

Application Example 1: Simulation of AC Consumers in Smart Grid Test Setup

By combining REGATRON DC and AC power supplies, a complete smart grid model can be built. This enables studies of dynamic behaviour, grid stability, and testing of energy management systems under a wide range of conditions.

The DC power supplies (DC sources only) can be used, for example, for the simulation of photovoltaic systems or fuel cell arrays. The regenerative source-sink DC power supplies are used for the simulation of energy storage systems such as batteries or, in sink mode, for the simulation of electrolysers. The 4-Q AC power sources are used as grid simulators and are capable of simulating a wide variety of power grid situations. With the newly available power mode, the AC power sources can easily simulate the most diverse "electrical consumers".


Application Example 2: Loading of Generators

Application Example 2: Loading of Generators

The new power mode enables the simulation of inductive and capacitive loads with a power factor (PF) of -1 to +1. Therefore, the TC.ACS power sources are now suitable for testing generators. For this type of application, the double overload capacity of the TC.ACS series is also a helpful feature.

The new power mode is not only suitable for loading mains generators at 50/60 Hz, but also extends the range of applications in the field of aviation. For example, tests of Ground Power Units (GPU) and Auxiliary Power Units (APU) with frequencies of 400 or 800 Hz can now be performed without any problems.

Application Example 3: Test of Charging Stations

Application Example 3: Test of Charging Stations

In the field of electric vehicle charging station (EVSE) testing, the TC.ACS devices can be used in voltage-controlled mode as grid simulators or in power mode as electric vehicle simulators (EV simulator) for direct loading of the AC charging station under test. As power grids continue to evolve, the energy storage capacity of electric vehicles will also be used to meet peak demand. The TC.ACS series is well prepared for the simulation of such processes: The so-called vehicle-to-grid (V2G) or vehicle-to-home (V2H) functionalities can be simulated and tested without restrictions. The unrestricted bidirectional operation ensures that all tests can be carried out in accordance with existing and future standards.


Common Mains and EMC Standards that can be Tested with the TC.ACS Series


Operation and Setting of the Power Mode

Power Mode View

The operating, service, and analysis software ACSControl provides user-friendly operation (start, stop, discharge) and setting of the power mode. The settings can be made either for each phase individually or for all phases simultaneously. Depending on the requirements of the application, the user can choose between the setpoint specification apparent power (S) / power factor cos(φ) and active power (P) / reactive power (Q). Depending on the selected setpoint specification, the configuration for S/cos(φ) or P/Q is active.

The configuration of the power limit and the limitation of the slew rate of the power controller can be done together with other system configurations in the "System Config" tab in the settings.


Power Mode Scope
The scope, recorded with the values from the first picture in this section, shows the shift between voltage (red) and current (blue) of phase L1 resulting from the specification of S/Cos(φ) respectively P/Q.

The power mode can optionally also be configured and controlled via the API as well as by the TC.ACS.CANmp interface. The interfaces allow easy integration of the power mode into a test bench or a higher-level automation system.



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