New Useful Features for the Versatile Remote Control Unit G5.RCU

G5.RCU is successfully used when the power supply and the user's location are physically separated. Possible reasons for this are: Required separation from the power supply or monitoring/operation of the power supply from next to the DUT.

The Remote Control Unit G5.RCU enables the user to remotely monitor and control individual G5 power supply units or an entire G5 master-slave system. G5.RCU is based on a high resolution 5” color touch display. With the new functions of G5.RCU, the operation of the power supply has become even more convenient and efficient. The following are some of the features:

Individual G5 power supply units can be selected via a list of favorites according to figure 1. This includes the advantage that several individual power supply units can be controlled with a single G5.RCU (see figure 2).


G5.RCU Selection of Unit

Figures 1 and 2


For battery test and cycling applications, for example, several individual charge/discharge channels can be integrated into an IP54 rack. The channels (individual power supply units: REGATRON's G5.BAT battery tester units) can be monitored and controlled by a single G5.RCU, located on the system front. See figure 3.


G5.RCU Selection of Unit

Figure 3

A further development needs to be highlighted: The new RCU.I interface (see figure 5) allows for a direct rack-internal connection of a G5.RCU to a G5 power supply unit. This has several advantages: Thanks to this new interface, no additional 5 V power supply for the G5.RCU is needed and the LAN port of the G5 power supply unit remains available (according to figure 4).


G5.RCU.I Interface

Figures 4 and 5


Easy and intuitive system control is made possible by the use of different programming and indication pages.

G5.RCU Remote Control Unit

Figure 6: Power supply monitoring and control: All you need at a glance.


Various installation options are available:

  • G5.RCU pre-installed in a 19" 3U plate, for positioning at a comfortable working height
  • Front door installation of the G5.RCU in a Power Distribution Unit (PDU), at the location of the test bench
  • Installation in the front door of a mobile IP54 rack, for local monitoring/operation

For more information, please refer to the downloadable product description.

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