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With the powerful programmable DC power supplies of REGATRON's G5 family, you get state-of-the-art operating and service software that simplifies and speeds up the typical DC application operations. A versatile tool that supports many use cases.

In addition to control, configuration and update functions, G5.Control has a powerful integrated 8-channel digital scope. The high-resolution real-time display of numerous internal system signals allows the user to optimize the DC application in a targeted manner. Various application-specific settings of parameters for individual power supply units or entire master-slave systems can be saved on the devices and retrieved either via G5.Control, an API or CAN message, or digital I/O signals. Firmware updates can be performed quickly and easily. When handling application support cases, the built-in diagnostic functions help to quickly identify the critical points.

Useful functions for integrating the DC power supply into a higher-level control system and for protecting the DUT

For more flexibility when integrating the G5 power supply into an external control system, the analog pins of the I/O terminal can be freely assigned to the desired values. At the same time, the digital pins can be assigned to the desired functions and defined either as inputs or outputs. In addition to standard functions such as analog setpoints and actual values as well as operating status commands such as DC on/off and error reset, other functions are also available. These are the selection of the controller mode, the integration of an external insulation monitoring unit or the loading of an application-specific parameter set.

  • Insulation Monitoring Unit: The insulation monitoring unit can interact with the analog and digital I/O interface of the G5 power supply. The customer’s higher-level control system has access via the CANmp interface to remotely activate the insulation measurement and to read out the actual insulation value and the warning or error status.

  • Digital Fuse: To effectively protect the DUT, not only voltage, current, and power are monitored for a violation of the trip or warning limits in both quadrants, but also a continuous I2t calculation is available to simulate the behaviour of a thermal fuse. These settings can be saved at device level in an application-specific parameter set. The parameter sets and the corresponding I/O contacts can be protected by the power user password, so that the user cannot manipulate the system incorrectly. The setting of the various programmed DC fuse values can be easily changed using an external selector switch. Installing a real DC fuse is costly and generates a considerable amount of dissipated energy. The digital fuse of the G5 power supply family is therefore much more economical and has the advantage of being freely programmable in terms of current level and tripping characteristics.

  • Application Switch: For example, if a G5.UNV series power supply is to be used to perform both battery simulation and battery testing, the user can easily switch between the corresponding application settings using an externally mounted application selector. Here are some examples of preset application configurations:
    • Low output filter capacity for increased current stability
    • High output filter capacity for increased voltage stability
    • Activated RPP feature for reverse polarity protection, softstart and to avoid deep discharge at DC off state
    • High impedance to avoid even small measurement currents during DC off state
    • Active discharge at DC off
    • Optional DC Discharge Unit (DDU)

For the many other useful features regarding system control, configuration, access authorization, function generator, as well as calibration and adjustment, see the downloadable product description above right or the earlier technical article REGATRON's G5.Control PC Software: The User-friendly Operating and Service Software for the G5 Family of DC Power Supplies.


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G5.Control Function Generator TFE

Picture: G5.Control Function Generator TFE

Examples of what REGATRON Power Supplies Are Used for

REGATRON's DC and AC power supplies are used worldwide for development and testing purposes and as industrial power supplies mainly in the following industries: e-mobility, renewable energy, smart grids, energy storage, photovoltaics, aviation industry, automotive industry, electrical industry, surface technology and railroad technology. Power supplies, application software and system integration – all made by REGATRON – result in turnkey power supply systems in the power range from 10 kW to 2400+ kW.

REGATRON's innovative product range includes AC/DC, AC/AC, DC/AC, and DC/DC power supplies that can be used universally or as application-specific solutions with reference to test and EMC standards.

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