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'REGATRON TEAM 2' wins the company tournament of the beach volleyball tournament 2019 in Rorschach.

Several REGATRON employees play volleyball or beach volleyball in their free time. This group of employees from different departments of REGATRON trains together regularly during the summer months. In addition to sport and fun, this leisure activity is also preparation for the participation in the annual international beach volleyball tournament in Rorschach. The sports event offers not only high-class beach volleyball with international women's and men's teams, but there are also tournaments for hobby athletes. One of these amateur tournaments is the Company Tournament, in which REGATRON has participated for many years.

This year the 'REGATRON TEAM 2' has won all group games, the semi final and the final in the Center Court with a very remarkable performance! Congratulations for this great performance and the tournament victory!

'REGATRON TEAM 2' and 'REGATRON TEAM 1' are by the way balanced and similarly strong! Can 'Team 1' prevail next year? A very good performance and some luck are necessary, because it is not easy to emerge as a winner from the strong field of participants. The penultimate victory of a REGATRON team was 11 years ago.

Therefore again: Congratulations!


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