The REGATRON Product Range

REGATRON's wide range of technologically advanced and precisely engineered products includes universal, programmable DC and AC power supplies as well as power supply solutions for defined applications. Learn more in the following compact overview page.

REGATRON has many years of proven expertise in the development, production and distribution of programmable DC and AC power supplies. The wide and well established product range, the strong global market presence and the individual, timely technical support are highly appreciated by our consistently increasing customer base.

Application Specific Power SuppliesUniversal Power Supplies
  • Battery simulators
  • Powertrain component testers
  • Battery charger testers
  • Battery module/battery pack testers
  • PV simulators
  • Satellite PV simulators
  • AC grid simulators
  • Unidirectional DC power supplies
  • Bidirectional regenerative DC power supplies
  • Regenerative DC electronic loads
  • Regenerative 4-quadrant AC power sources
  • Bidirectional DC/DC converters

The performance of an individual power supply typically lies within the power and voltage ranges listed below. Due to the high auto-ranging factor of up to 3, higher currents are available at voltages below the nominal voltage.

  • DC ranges from 0...10 kW to 0...2000+ kW, up to 1500 VDC, higher voltages on request
  • AC ranges von 0...30 kVA to 0...1500 kVA, 0...528 Vrms (L-L), higher voltages on request

The advantageous system modularity of REGATRON power supply solutions allows the system to be easily adapted to changing performance requirements. Not only the reconfiguration between parallel, series and mixed operation is possible, but also the expansion of the system with additional power supplies or the division into smaller units is easily implemented. Therefore, the purchase of a REGATRON power supply represents a sustainable investment.

Besides standard units, REGATRON also develops and manufactures customized DC power supplies for specific applications.

Important Features of REGATRON Power Supplies


  • Technologically advanced, precisely engineered, compact 19-inch power supplies
  • Fast switching technology, high control dynamics in the range of 200 µs
  • High auto-ranging factor of up to 3 providing optimized current-voltage ranges
  • CV, CC, CP, CR, Ri simulation
  • Regenerative and highly efficient, resulting in significant reduction of energy consumption and heat dissipation

System Capability

  • Modular and easy scalable systems
  • Parallel, series and mixed operation with digital high-speed bus
  • Simple master slave configuration with operating software
  • 2-channel safety interface and other user safety options such as automatic reverse polarity protection
  • Rack-mountable power supply units for easy rack mounting
  • If required, turnkey cabinet solution or project-specific system integration

System Control and Options

  • Operating software, extended analysis and parameterization options, calibration
  • Application software with visualization, programming and data logger
  • Powerful application programming interfaces (API)
  • All common communication interfaces
  • Air and water cooling, rugged versions

Should you have any questions, or need additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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First series of the new generation G5 are in the final phase of validation measurements and field tests. In the next technical article, we will be introducing the new 'programmable regenerative DC power supplies series G5.RSS'.


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