REGATRON participated in the EMC conference "Funk & EMV 2019" in Zurich

TC.ACS Regenerative 4-Quadrant AC Power Source as a versatile Test Generator for product standard tests according to IEC 61800-3

On January 16th 2019, the symposium "Funk & EMV 2019" took place in Zurich, Switzerland. This event combines exhibitions and workshops providing an overview of today's regulations, test methods and trends within the field of electromagnetic compatibility.

REGATRON AG together with EMC-Testcenter AG presented new methods for EMC immunity tests according to IEC 61800 for state-of-the-art electronic variable-speed drives. These tests call for ambitious dynamic qualities of the test generator, in that complex voltage shapes typical for line-commutated converters have to be reproduced. Marco Sieber, Head of Development at REGATRON AG, presented a well noticed TC.ACS test set capable for running complex immunity tests including the reproduction of programmable commutation notches according to the product standard IEC 61800-3.

More information about REGATRON's versatile TC.ACS series

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