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Even in the field of technology, the 'straight path' is not necessarily the best solution. Careful planning, decades of experience in a wide range of applications and solid engineering work make REGATRON power supplies reliable, versatile and robust components, even for complex and unusual applications – made for the extraordinary!

Our customer is working on concepts for the transmission of high electrical energy and requires a high-performance DC source with more than 300 kW at voltages of up to 1000 V and currents of almost 4000 A for conceptional field tests. The main task is to supply large and highly inductive loads with optimum protection against the expected shock loads during various transient processes in the load circuit.

Various project areas were planned in advance in close co-operation with the customer's engineers:

  • Configuration of the DC source using 32 kW TopCon Quadro modules, which can be connected both in parallel and in mixed parallel-serial operation.
  • Development of a multi-stage and powerful protection concept against the effects of transient switching and shutdown processes in the load network.
  • Optimisation of the space requirements of the overall system to accommodate the system on a limited footprint.
  • Consequent liquid cooling of the power modules for use at very high ambient temperatures.

The sophisticated transient protection concept particularly confronted the engineers with considerable problems, as reactive loads can cause extremely high voltage and current peaks for a short time, which far exceed the protective measures of a 'normal' DC module. The safe limiting of such transients requires corresponding design measures, such as those commonly used in power plants and high energy distribution systems.


Übersicht über die Anlage, im Vordergrund liegend die Schutzbeschaltung

The first picture shows the entire test setup just before delivery of the system. In the background there is the liquid-cooled DC source consisting of 12x TC.P TopCon power supply units, which can be switched quickly and safely from parallel to matrix operation by means of manual switch panels. This part of the system also includes the entire AC distribution including the main system switch, an emergency stop concept with 'Performance Level e' in accordance with the ISO 13849 standard as well as a remote operating unit and other communication interfaces. In the foreground is the customised protective circuit box for 4000 A, which is pre-tested in the factory with an appropriate load unit.

Legend: Overview of the system, with the protective circuit in the foreground


The protective circuit box with heavy-duty copper busbars, high-current diodes and some capacitive elements
The second picture gives an insight to the protective circuit box. As in the case of the DC sources, the power diodes are liquid-cooled and the protective circuit box as a whole is of modular design. This offers the benefit that the unit can be split into 2x 2000 A for easier installation. The modular concept also enables future requirements with even higher currents to be covered more easily and therefore provides a good basis for the investments made to date.

Legend: The protective circuit box with heavy-duty copper busbars, high-current diodes and some capacitive elements 


Planning work on the system with our customers

Regatron's experts from the Field Application Engineering and Development Department provide support to our customers' technical representatives right up from the presales phase. This includes initial consultation and the creation of solution concepts and simulation results. During the project phase, Regatron offers additional comprehensive services such as the creation of technical specifications, extensive performance tests and documentation for factory acceptance tests and, finally, commissioning and training at the user's site.


Legend:  Planning work on the system with our customers


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