REGATRON's Advanced and Extensive DC Power Supplies Program

Innovative solutions with advantages for customers as well as benefits for the environment. Learn more in the summary below.

REGATRON has an impressive 20 years of experience in the field of regenerative 2-quadrant DC Power Supplies. Also, the long product durability and the high efficiency of up to 95% underline the high importance of environmental protection measures at REGATRON.

The highlights, benefits, and applications of REGATRON's DC product range are summarized below.

DC Key Data: Unrivaled current, voltage, and power range

Modular Concept: Industry-leading

  • Full digital parallel, series, and matrix operation
  • Parallel mode even with devices of different power rating
  • Easy manual or automatic system reconfiguration

Dynamics: Outstanding and selectable

  • Highest dynamics over the entire power range
  • LowCap output filter (user setting) for fast CV steps, required for automotive standard testing
  • HighCap output filter (user setting) for optimum voltage stability, e.g. for battery simulation
  • Fast CC/CP steps with no overshoot for battery testing or ultra-fast rise time

Accuracy: Exceptional and with zoom function

  • Exceptional accuracy of current and voltage
  • Additional high-resolution current measurement range
  • Accuracy of <0.02% FS within the high-resolution current range

Wide Range of Controls: Easy and fast integration

Application Specific Hardware Features: Safety first

DC Power Supplies: Programmable, versatile, 1-or-2 quadrant

DC Power Test Solutions: Application-specific, intelligent, and ready-to-use

Systems: Standard or tailored cabinet solutions

  • Up to 216 kW in one single cabinet
  • Mobile systems up to 162 kW
  • High power density, small footprint
  • Safety & environment: up to performance level PL e, IP20, IP54, air filter, liquid cooling

More information about REGATRON's innovative DC Power Supplies family G5 can be found in the downloadable PDF brochure.

REGATRON DC Power Supplies  Versatile – Reliable – Regenerative

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At REGATRON, we power the progress in e-mobility, renewable energy, power conversion, energy storage, and a variety of industrial applications. REGATRON develops, manufactures, and distributes innovative DC and AC power supplies for research, development and testing applications. REGATRON is a globally recognized manufacturer and offers high quality customer support and fast service worldwide. REGATRON is the core of an independent, medium-sized, and owner-managed group of companies that focuses on power supplies and employs around 200 people. A worldwide network of sales partners and subsidiaries ensures REGATRON's strong international market presence.

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