REGATRON's Battery Tester Series G5.BT: Bringing Vehicle Electrification and Energy Storage Forward

REGATRON's smart solution for testing both battery modules and packs saves cost thanks to its wide test capabilities and application-specific, ready-to-use features.

Both battery module and pack testing are possible thanks to the high auto-ranging factor of 3. Furthermore, REGATRON's advanced modular concept allows the digitally controlled operation of power supplies in parallel, series, and mixed operation. Thus a very large, unrivaled current-voltage range is available to the user.

Multiple test channels can be provided within a single cabinet. Cabinets can be built according to the protection classes IP20/23/54. Thanks to the very compact design of the G5 power supply units, the total footprint is minimal.

REGATRON's G5-battery-tester can be dimensioned precisely according to the user's needs thanks to the available standard unit power classes of 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54 kW, and multiples thereof. Likewise, a power extension of the battery test system in these fine power levels is possible at any time in the field.


Operating modes of G5.BT series

The adjacent figure shows schematically how REGATRON's battery testers can be used for module and pack testing depending on the operating mode (single, series, parallel).


The well-known high accuracy of the G5 power supply family and the high dynamic response fully meet the requirements of battery test applications. With the operating and service software G5.Control, the test and charging/discharging figures can be set within a wide range, e.g. ramps can be programmed in the simplest way. Furthermore, G5.Control offers a powerful built-in 8-channel digital recording scope, extended analysis and parameterization options, and calibration functionality.

Maximum speed or minimum overshoot? The figure below shows that the dynamic parameters of the G5.BT series can be adapted to a specific task. The REGATRON power supply G5.BT.18.80.676, which was used for the measurements, has the following nominal output values: 18 kW / 80 VDC / 676 A.

Adapting G5.BT series to your needs


REGATRON's G5 battery testing solution offers a number of additional features that simplify the user's work, such as the following functionality:

The built-in G5.RPP feature:

  • Reliably prevents damage and sparking caused by accidental reverse polarity between battery and battery tester,
  • provides overcurrent protection/soft start in case of unmatched voltages between battery and battery tester, and
  • prevents creeping deep discharge of the battery in the "voltage off" state by means of complete galvanic disconnection.

Further features:

  • Increased emergency stop reliability supporting performance level PL c / PL e according to EN ISO 13849
  • CAN interface offering high transmission rates, a customizable and easy to integrate protocol, and digital inputs/outputs for logic functions
  • Optional BatControl application software for laboratory or development use.

For more information please refer to the accompanying downloadable product description of the G5.BT series.



Overview of G5 family size

G5 power levels and heights


  • Technologically advanced, fast switching, compact 19-inch DC power supplies
  • High control dynamics in the 100...200 µs range – even at higher power levels
  • Exceptional accuracy of current and voltage, additional high-resolution current measurement range
  • Full power regeneration and a high degree of efficiency, resulting in a significant reduction of energy consumption and heat dissipation, low acoustic noise
  • Wide current-voltage range with a high auto-ranging factor of 3
  • Full digital CV, CC, CP, CR, and Ri-Sim control modes

System Capability

System Control

  • Powerful application programming interfaces (API)
  • Optional CAN multi-protocol interface with 1 kHz data rate and 20×16-bit value transmission per ms, adaptable to any proprietary CAN bus, for easy test bench integration
  • Optional front-panel-integrated control unit HMI with intuitive colour touch screen
  • Optional remote control unit G5.RCU with high resolution colour touch screen
  • Optional TFE: Versatile function generator for time-dependent voltage, current, or power programming (sine, triangle, square, and user-defined data points) e.g. allowing for ripple modulation or load profile simulation
  • Optional AAP: Function domain pattern generator e.g. allowing for the definition of the characeristic curves of fuel-cells and other linear or nonlinear electrical two-pole networks

REGATRON: Small footprint, programmable test solutions.

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