Precisely engineered, highly reliable and long-term field-proven: Regenerative Bidirectional DC Power Supplies from REGATRON.

On the solid foundation of an eight-year product success story, thousands of TC.GSS Regenerative Source / Sink DC Power Supplies are being operated in a wide field of applications all over the world.

During the 8 years following its trendsetting market launch, the versatile TC.GSS series has been continuously developed and adapted to customer requirements.


The TC.GSS series is characterized by widely recognized, unique and unrivaled features:

  • Wide coverage of voltage and power: 0 ... 2000 VDC, 20 kW up to 2000+ kW
  • Parallel-, series- and even mixed parallel-series operation thanks to the modularity and the digital master-slave communication
  • Ease of use: Modular system, easy expandable and configurable by the user on site
  • 2-channel safety interface and user safety options, expandable to further external safety switches
  • Air- or liquid cooling
  • Ruggedized models for harsh environmental conditions
  • Operating and diagnostics software TopControl including the versatile on-board 8-channel scope for quick diagnosis  
  • 3-year warranty and highly qualified, timely customer support


A large number of customers take advantage of the unrivaled versatility of the TC.GSS regenerative full two-quadrant DC power supplies. One or several of the following REGATRON application software packages for automated tests and efficient data logging / reporting can be installed:
  • Use as Battery Simulator with optional software BatSim
  • Use as Battery Tester with optional software BatControl
  • Use as Fuelcell Simulator with optional TFE
  • Use as PV Simulator with optional software TFE or SASControl
  • Use as Capacitance Simulator with optional software CapSim
The picture, taken in REGATRON's system assembly plant, shows in the foreground a regenerative bidirectional TC.GSS power supply with the following characteristics:
- Voltage: 0 ... 1000 VDC, Power: 0 ... +/- 128 kW,
Current: 0 ... +/- 320 A
- Mobile, self-contained cabinet with air filters
- Cabinet dimensions HxWxD: 2150x650x900 mm

REGATRON's quality standards are very high.

The assembled printed circuit boards undergo optical and in-circuit tests, the power supply units undergo automated performance and burn-in tests and the self-contained cabinet turn-key solutions undergo regulatory tests according to standards.
REGATRON also delivers high-quality technical assistance and information.

We would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about your requirements:

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Application related keywords:

Testing / Simulation / Cycling / Charging / Discharging of: Batteries ∙ Supercaps ∙ Ultracapacitors ∙ Fuel Cells ∙ Electrical Energy Storage Devices ∙ On-board Electrical Systems and Components ∙ E-Drive Trains ∙ Powertrains ∙ Photovoltaic and other Inverters. General Test Lab Applications ∙ Standard Tests ∙ Programmable Tests ∙ Versatile Educational Laboratory Applications ∙ Large-scale Power Supply Burn-in ∙ Electric Vehicle Load Profiles ∙ EV Charging Topologies.


Product related keywords: Regenerative full two-quadrant source / sink DC power supplies, high-quality modular bidirectional programmable power supplies, TC.GSS, rack-mounted, programmable power source and load, battery pack tester, battery emulator, regenerative DC electronic load, battery charger test system.


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