Social and Environmental Criteria

REGATRON values social and environmental criteria by adhering to global standards, promoting diversity, and implementing environmentally friendly practices.

As a responsible company, REGATRON adheres to the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact and acts in accordance with Transparency International's guidelines for promoting integrity and addressing corruption risks.

We value and promote diversity in our company. Regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or social background, we offer equal opportunities and a respectful and inclusive work environment to all employees at REGATRON. Discrimination has no place in our company.

In our business activities, we take ecological aspects into account by minimizing harmful effects on the environment, managing resources efficiently, and using renewable energy. We use photovoltaics, geothermal energy, and waste heat from operational facilities for a significant portion of our own energy needs. In addition, we transfer surplus operational waste heat to neighboring buildings by means of a local heating network. Employees who use public transportation to get to work receive a subsidy from REGATRON. Employees who commute by electric car have access to charging stations. REGATRON's headquarters offer modern and safe workplaces and enable streamlined processes. Our test benches on which we test our own products feed electrical energy back into the grid with high efficiency.

Social responsibility and sustainability are integral parts of our corporate culture. We work transparently and adhere strictly to ethical principles. In the REGATRON Code of Conduct, the above-mentioned principles regarding human rights, labor rights, corruption, environment, health, and safety are laid down in the form of provisions.

However, our greatest contribution to sustainability and decarbonization lies in the use of our own products by our worldwide customers. REGATRON develops, manufactures and globally distributes regenerative DC and AC power supplies, which are mainly used for research, development and testing in the fields of renewable energy, electric vehicles, power conversion and energy storage.


DC and AC Power Supplies from REGATRON: Versatile – Reliable – Intelligent

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At REGATRON, we power the progress in e-mobility, renewable energy, power conversion, energy storage, and a variety of industrial applications. REGATRON develops, manufactures, and distributes innovative DC and AC power supplies for research, development, and testing applications. REGATRON is a globally recognized manufacturer and offers high quality customer support and fast service worldwide. REGATRON is the core of an independent, medium-sized, and owner-managed group of companies that focuses on power supplies and employs around 200 people. A worldwide network of sales partners and subsidiaries ensures REGATRON's strong international market presence.

Universal Programmable DC Power Supplies and DC LoadsUniversal Programmable AC Power Sources and AC Loads
  • Regenerative 4-Quadrant 1-to-3-Phase AC Power Source Series TC.ACS
  • Regenerative 1-to-3-Phase AC Electronic Loads
  • Regenerative 4-Quadrant 1-to-3-Phase Power Amplifiers CV/CC (optimized for P-HIL applications)
Application Specific Prepared DC Power Test SolutionsApplication Specific Prepared AC Power Test Solutions

All REGATRON Power Supplies and Power Test Solutions are available in standardized or customized cabinet solutions.

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