System Solutions for Grid Simulators: See the Example of a 150 kVA / 0 - 1000 Vrms AC Grid Simulation System

Amazingly compact standard solutions or highly specialised customer-specific system solutions - thanks to the modular REGATRON power source concept and a large number of versatile interfaces, even complex turnkey system solutions are feasible.

Example of a Customer's Requirement

One of REGATRON's customers required a 150 kVA Grid Simulation system equipped with a multiple tap transformer output stage in order to have several AC voltage ranges up to 1000 Vrms (L-N) at full rated power available. Control of the system had to be as simple and reliable as possible allowing for a fast and comprehensive setting of predefined test applications. In addition, a control link to the existing customer control periphery was also requested.

REGATRON’s Solution

Besides the possibility to control the system with our versatile 'ACSControl' / 'GridSim' Software or the standard analog control interface, the ingenious ACS API opens possibilities to directly link existing customer control structures to REGATRON's TC.ACS Grid Simulation systems.

The ACS API is a full transparent and well documented tool offering a widely spread instruction set for any type of sequential procedures commonly used in the field of test automation and development. Therefore, access to all programmable functions of the system including to peripheral switching devices is available. The ACS API is within the scope of delivery of each REGATRON TC.ACS Grid Simulator.

Pictured on the Right: Compact 150 kVA REGATRON TC.ACS Grid Simulator, scalable, regenerative, full four quadrant source / sink operation, including bidirectional DC operation.

The Customer's Benefits

With the application of REGATRON ACS APIthe operator can select a given voltage range configuration with a single fingertip. All associated internal programming and switching actions are determined by the program control, including 'hidden' actions like selection of the correct voltage sense range, component temperatures and value read-back. Moreover, the system contains a single, fixed AC output terminal. The time consuming and fault-prone rewiring in case of a voltage range changeover is completely eliminated.

Are you also looking for a solution with partially or fully automatable operation? REGATRON’s Field Application Engineering Team is available for your system integration projects! Please don’t hesitate to contact us: 

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