Tailwind for the new G5 Power Supply Generation!

Powerful Application Software Packages expand and refine the professional Application of your G5 Power Supply Units!

Today's DC power supplies of high performance and quality usually come with quite useful service and operating software. With it, various activities of daily use can be carried out easily and comfortably, such as defining set points, setting alarm and limit values or remotely controlling the entire unit. So far – so good.

But do you already know about the additional REGATRON G5 Application Software Packages?

The use of these tools enables the operation of the G5 power supplies in highly specialised fields such as simulations, parameterised tests or even circuit analysis under R+D conditions. The application software packages benefit from the fact that G5 power supplies are bestowed with very high computing power that allows time-critical sequences to be executed in real-time on board the G5 units. This leads to a matchless dynamic, resolution and stability of the simulations!

Greatly expand the range of applications of your G5 power supplies with additional REGATRON application software packages!

Example 1: Solar Array Simulation with G5.SASControl

REGATRON | G5.SASControl Solar Array SimulationREGATRON G5.SASControl is an application software specially designed for simulating solar arrays of different technology and topology. In addition to scientific investigations and simulations of solar arrays, the main application is in the area of production tests of solar inverter systems from a few kW up to the 2000 kW+ range.

The G5.SASControl software is already configured to test and qualify solar inverters according to international standards. The main advantage of the REGATRON solution lies in the cooperation between the time critical computation on board the G5 power supplies and the control software on the attending PC. Optimized procedures result in a far above average accuracy of the curve definition as well as exceptional timing and resolution values. This feature is necessary for the compliant efficiency measurement procedures for maximum power point tracking (MPPT) of solar inverters as described in EN 50530.

Example 2: Battery Simulation with G5.BatSim

REGATRON | G5.BatSim Battery SimulationREGATRON’s battery simulation software G5.BatSim is designed for simulation of battery modules and packs with charge and discharge capabilities of a few kW up to the 2000+ kW range. Based on the powerful real-time computing process of the G5 device, even steep changes in charge / discharge currents will be handled with high dynamics and stability.

Each battery type reacts in a specific manner to charge and discharge currents in terms of cell voltage, state of charge, ohmic and parametric losses, and polarization effects. These values are considered by specific mathematical models used in the REGATRON G5.BatSim software / firmware. The operator can fine tune the model with several additional parameters to adjust the simulation to the user's requirement. Long-term data recording and recall of battery values are available within the G5.BatSim application software.

Example 3: Battery Testing / Cycling with G5.BatControl

REGATRON | G5.BatControl Battery TestingThe battery testing and cycling software G5.BatControl offers convenient possibilities to test battery modules or packs with charge and discharge capabilities of a few kW up to the 2000+ kW range.

G5.BatControl allows selecting and running so-called "BatScripts": A variety of predefined function blocks with various charge and discharge parameters are available to easily create customized test sequences. Define charge and discharge algorithms, run driving cycles or replay previously recorded discharge / charge data.

G5.BatControl has access to time critical measurements like charge and energy counters, which are calculated in real-time by the G5 device with highest accuracy, sampling rate and resolution. Long-term data recording and recall are available also within the G5.BatControl application software. There exist a number of programmable “EXIT-conditions” referring to a defined voltage or current level, a defined capacity or a time mark.

A multi-channel ‘Live viewer’ presents live data out of a running process and allows for setting of time marks and comments.

REGATRON G5 application software packages – your fastest way to accurate and stable simulations and reproducible test results!

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