TC.ACS Grid Simulator Series Now with Extended Functionality for Development and Testing of Grid-Connected Inverters

The new High Impedance Mode allows the simulation of phase failures and short-term mains interruptions. Other features have been optimized. Learn more in this article.

Grid-connected inverters are used in a wide range of applications. In photovoltaic systems, for example, the direct current generated is converted into alternating current and fed into the power grid. Furthermore, inverters in conjunction with energy storage systems (batteries, capacitors, etc.) ensure that the stored energy is fed into the power grid when required.

New High Impedance Mode

With the latest firmware/software release of the TC.ACS Grid Simulator Series, a new functionality is available. It aims to simulate phase failures or short-term grid interruptions in a practical way. In addition to the already existing function of active phase voltage regulation to 0 V, the newly developed high-impedance mode can be used to decouple the TC.ACS load connection from the TC.ACS power stage. In this way, phase failures of individual phases or of the entire three-phase grid can be simulated in a very realistic and practical way.

Phase switching in the ACSControl Software

Legend: New functionality and design of the Operating, Service, and Analysis Software ACSControl
-1- ACSControl offers the new block function High Impedance, which can be programmed individually on each phase. The position of the phase failures on the time axis is freely selectable with a maximum resolution of 12.5 μs.
-2- The preview window visualizes the phase failure and offers to the user the possibility to check the pre-programmed blocks and sequences before starting the simulation. The preview above shows the behavior of a resistive load.
-3- The schematic diagram of the TC.ACS load connection shows how the wiring is to be carried out based on the selected Phase Connection.
-4- All configuration options, settings of limit values, and operating modes of the TC.ACS Grid Simulator can be accessed across all tabs using the new settings button.


In addition to the enhancements shown above, the Live Viewer as well as the Analog and Digital I/O Configuration have been made even more user-friendly.

DC Side of the Inverter

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