TC.ACS offers versatile and multifunctional grid simulation.

TC.ACS is a series of full digital, full 4 quadrant 3-phase AC power sources with exceptional programming features.

Each TC.ACS unit represents a three-in-one configuration:

  • Versatile synthesized 3-phase grid simulator with 4 fully controlled active outputs. Operation mode setting per comprehensive software tools. Note the fully active N-connection available at the Simulator Port.
  • Built-in full 4-Quadrant 1 to 3-phase power amplifier with outstanding qualities, 3 independent and galvanic isolated amplifier inputs, especially suited for high bandwidth HIL applications within the power laboratory, assisted by an external RT processor.
  • Programmable RLC-load mode (electronic AC load with grid recuperation) to substitute real and bulky resistors, inductors and capacitors. Reactive power is recuperated into the 3-phase grid with maximum efficiency.

The User's Advantages

The user's advantages are as follows:

  • Compact and completely modular design
  • High effectivity in all operation modes
  • Ability to use an existing liquid cooling system directly
  • Optional matched liquid-to-air cooling unit TC.LAE available
  • Possibility of upgrading to systems of up to 1 MVA
  • High level of system dynamics, ≤ 5 kHz modulation bandwidth
  • Non-restrictive capability of refeeding in the Q4 operation mode
  • Possibility of operating as an autonomous 4-Q and 3-phase quasi-analogue amplifier
  • Possibility of “Hardware-in-the loop”-operation (HIL mode)
  • User friendly application software with pre-configured test patterns
  • Possibility of integrating into a complete SAS simulation and test system
  • Galvanic isolation available as an option without derating the simulator port data
  • Three different operation modes:
    a) Programmable Grid Simulator
    b) Remote operated 4Q AC voltage amplifier
    c) Electronic AC-load featuring programmable RLC load impedance

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