Up to the stars! - The benefits of modular concepts for high power Grid Simulators / Battery Simulation in the 2000+ kVA/kW range

The customer requirement at a glance: A customer from the Asian region is exploring concepts for an intelligent grid management using bidirectional converters and E-storage systems, known as PCS power conversion systems. These functional units are to be tested and operationally analysed.

For these tasks the following are needed:

  • Test and simulation work of bidirectional converters on AC grid side with 2000+ kVA / 770 Vrms L-L
  • Test and simulation work of bidirectional converters on DC side with 2000+ kW / 2000 VDC
  • Testing of overall system capabilities of high power conversion systems in the range of 2000+ kVA/kW

Technician working on systemThe test environment according to the above specifications includes a fully programmable and highly dynamic AC grid simulation with elevated phase voltages, which allows the simulation of all conceivable network situations up to non-conforming EMC test sequences.

A very powerful and adaptable DC test environment is required for the simulation of ESS E-storage systems. This environment must be able to test current and future storage structures both in the time domain and with regard to the energy content, as well as providing all load profiles for runtime testing.


The REGATRON system solution for Grid Simulation

The modular Grid Simulator System with 2400 kVA power is built up modularly from ACS units of 50 kVA each. Phase voltages L-L as high as 770 Vrms may be achieved. The system has the ability to generate fundamental frequencies from DC up to 1 kHz and a harmonic spectrum up to 5 kHz and is thus suitable for the simulation of any conceivable network situation. The individual modules are fully functional per se and can be operated alone and in conjunction with any REGATRON AC application software. Of particular note is the ability of the ACS modules to emulate virtually any reactive RLC load, e.g. for anti-islanding testing of grid-tied inverters.

The REGATRON system solution for simulation/testing of E-storage Systems

The 2376 kW modular E-storage test system is built from individual 54 kW G5 modules and can operate in the voltage range of 0 to 2000 VDC. G5 DC systems also feature dynamic characteristics that are nearly the same as those of a single module, even for such large systems! For example, a quadrant change of current from fully feeding to fully regenerating is accomplished in less than 100 µs. Each G5 module is also fully functional in standalone mode and can run all REGATRON DC application software such as PV simulation, battery simulation or battery testing.

REGATRON massively expands the test environment for High Power Systems Acceptance Tests

Discussion about the system Modularity of programmable systems is an important credo of REGATRON development. In the field of very high power systems, as they are increasingly found at research institutions, universities or in national energy distribution programs, modular systems have proven to be flexible, adaptable and versatile. The possibilities to form autonomous subsystems or, on the other hand, to achieve really high power made up of subsystems have completely convinced many customers worldwide.

Thanks to a unique quasi-parallel system control design, it is possible to achieve the dynamic properties of a single module even within very large systems!

With a view to a customer-friendly Factory Acceptance Test, REGATRON has greatly expanded its in-house testing facilities. By clever arrangement of the subsystem groups, both dynamic tests and long-term tests with rated power can be carried out according to the customers' requirements. For this purpose, REGATRON provides its customers with skilled experts from the 'Field Application Engineering' division, who are available as consultant, manager and direct contact throughout the entire project duration up to commissioning phase and training at the customer's site.


REGATRON: High power, small footprint, programmable test solutions.

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Additional information about the G5.UNV series:

Additional information about the TC.ACS series:


What are our power supplies used for?

REGATRON's DC and AC power supplies are used worldwide for development and testing purposes and as industrial power supplies mainly in the following industries: e-mobility, renewable energy, smart grids, energy storage, photovoltaics, aviation industry, automotive industry, electrical industry, surface technology and railroad technology. Power supplies, application software and system integration – all made by REGATRON – result in turnkey power supply systems in the power range from a few kVA/kW up to 2000+ kVA/kW.

REGATRON's innovative product range includes AC/DC, AC/AC, DC/AC, and DC/DC power supplies that can be used universally or as application-specific solutions with reference to test and EMC standards.


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