Upcoming Industry Events, Trade Fairs and Technical Conferences

REGATRON and their Sales Partners participate in worldwide fairs and conferences. See the events which are currently scheduled.

The diversified events reflect the versatility of REGATRONs programmable DC and AC power sources.

The topics of the upcoming events are:
Testing and ensuring the reliability of onboard electronic systems, electrified powertrains, batteries, testing and simulation of energy storage solutions, onboard energy management, solar energy, battery management systems (BMS), charging and cycling, electronic components testing and certification, battery performance measurement, fast charging, inductive charging, V2G, battery degradation, electric and hybrid vehicles, 48V board, harness testing, PV simulation for space systems, lithium-ion battery, battery pack design, 48 V mild-hybrid systems, high-voltage battery electronics, fuel cell technology, light-duty and heavy-duty electric vehicles.

At these shows you can expect to see products and meet people who can discuss with you about REGATRONs range of Programmable DC Power Supplies, Regenerative 2-Quadrant DC Power Supplies, Regenerative DC Electronic Loads, Bidirectional DC/DC Converters and Regenerative 4-Quadrant AC Power Sources.

We are looking forward to your visit!


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