What we did well 10 years ago, we do even better today!

Regenerative High-Power Solutions from REGATRON for the Utility Vehicles Sector.

Simulating batteries for bidirectional electronic on-board power devices:

The year 2003

The advantages of electrical traction aboard of utility vehicles like buses and trucks have been discovered early, be it as main drive or as hybrid configuration. Already in 2003, REGATRON developed powerful and regenerative Source/Sink-systems for the respective drive train tests. Even back then, parallel operation of modules allowed for system power of up to several hundreds of kilowatts.

The year 2009

Some five years later in 2009, the compact bidirectional TopCon TC.GSS unit was created, offering even more flexibility by the ability to work in Parallel, Series and even Mixed Mode.


Nowadays, 10 years later, REGATRON TC.GSS systems are known as worldwide recognized modular power Source/Sink systems. A number of well-established truck and bus manufacturers belongs to Regatron's cross-sector clientele.
In addition to the versatile hardware, powerful application software is supporting the engineers in the field of drive testing, battery simulation, onboard power simulation and electrical storage tests and R&D.

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