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A grid simulator is capable of emulating varying grid conditions in order to facilitate the testing of grid-connected equipment. REGATRON grid simulators are in the power range of up to 1000 kVA. They have a modular design and offer high adaptability.

REGATRON grid simulation systems use a top-of-the art multilevel double inverter technology. The main advantages over existing linear systems are a substantial reduction of power losses, full 4-quadrant operation, very compact power units and the modular, cost-effective architecture. This allows the user to choose a system size well-fitting his requirements, including the possibility for future power expansions and/or splitting-up of the system into several standalone subsystems. Due to the modular structure based on 30 or 50 kVA units a flexible adaptation to changing power requirements is anytime possible. By simply connecting basic units in parallel mode, systems of up to 1000 kVA can be set up.

The AC power supply is operating in all 4 quadrants and is able to fully regenerate into the power system. Apart from testing power feedback units, the system also enables the operation of linear and non linear feeding systems for measuring and evaluation purposes. With the availability of the active neutral string, any single phase or asymmetric condition can be simulated. Additionally, the neutral can be connected to Protective Earth (PE), if required. Please note that operation as a grid simulator, as fast triphase full 4-quadrant voltage amplifier and as a programmable electronic load (RLC load mode) is possible. All these features and characteristics are included. The system can easily and comprehensively be adapted to the various tasks to be carried out.

The software tool ACSControl enables the operator either to manually operate the system or to program and run automated test sequences and to use the functionality of data acquisition of the system. Moreover the software offers functions for parameterising, sequencing, visualising of the current system data and test results as well as for recording and documentation of test results.


The system shown below as an example has the following characteristics:

Rated AC Output Power: 300 kVA
Rated AC Output Voltage: 3x 528 VACrms / 3x 830 VACrms with external transformers
Rated AC Output Current: 3x 432 Arms
Response time: 100us
Control modes: GridSim / HIL Amplifier Mode

The electrical enclosures containing the TC.ACS units offer empty space in the upper section for an additional unit.



General keywords:

Grid Simulation ∙ Simulation of Grid Impedance e.g. for Anti-Islanding Tests ∙ RLC Load Mode ∙ Power Amplifier ∙ High Bandwidth Hardware in the Loop (P-HIL) with External Real-time Processor ∙ R+D on Smart Grid Configurations ∙ General Test Lab Applications ∙ Standard Tests ∙ Programmable Tests ∙ Versatile Educational Laboratory Applications.

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