Solar Array Simulation SAS

Solar array simulation SAS

The G5.SAS series and TopCon Quadro series as also bidirectional TC.GSS power supplies provide full Solar Array Simulation capability alongside with all relevant DC applications. Note especially, that on the contrary to the many competitors REGATRON DC power supplies are processing relevant SAS data in real-time on-board of the power supply.
This of course prevents clearly all disadvantages of the current method using a PC/Laptop as an external data processing system. As PC’s are far away from real-time processing, unwanted and randomly occurring transmission time delays degrade the dynamic response of the simulated system in a distinct manner.
The powerful SASControl application software enables the user for well documented programmable Solar Inverter tests and all R&D activities.
Relevant industry sector:

  • Solar inverter manufacturers worldwide
  • University level power conversion laboratories
  • Solar energy R+D institutes and companies
  • Test- and qualification institutes and centres
  • Institutional authority laboratories