Quite a number of processes in laboratory and ATE applications require special DC supplies. 

 Title Keywords with regard to application Type/size

Bidirectional DC supplies
with electronic load

  • TopCon RESACT system
  • Controller strategy "Single Authority Control"
  • Fully integrated control and regulation software, function generator
  • Mixed driving and braking drive cycles
  • Accumulator technics, defined load cycles in charge and discharge mode
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Bidirectional power supply
systems with feedback of
energy into mains
  • Cyclic charge and discharge of energy storage devices, ULTRACAPS, networks
  • Test operation of vehicle drives, converter drives, rail drives
  • Simulation of highly dynamic drive cycles in motor vehicle technology
  • Development and testing of hybrid and alternative drives for vehicles
  • Substitution of batteries and accumulators
  • Substitution of fuel cell stacks and their characteristic curves
  • Development and testing of solar energy components like charge controller and inverter
  • Reactive loads, general high power bidirectional laboratory use
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Modulation and low
frequency AC applications
  • Plasma process modulation
  • Modulation for device testing
  • Demagnetization of voluminous workpieces
  • Laboratory applications
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Simulation, substitution of
lead acid accumulators, batteries

  • Motor starter - Starter alternator systems
  • Harnesses
  • Halogen and gas discharge lamps
  • Fuel cell simulation
  • Inverter, converter
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Simulation, substitution
of solar panels, solar cells

  • Photovoltaics, solar cell, solar panel
  • Testing of solar current grid tie inverter

Plasma arcs, plasma coating,
surface technology

  • Plasma spraying
  • Plasma sputtering
  • Linear plasma - PVD, CVD
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